When it comes to sports, it’s not just an interest or a hobby, not for many, but a way of life. Sports fanaticism pervades every aspect of the hardcore fan’s life. They eat, sleep, and breath sports. They never miss a game, and they follow their teams, sometimes literally, from game to game like it’s a matter of life and death. If this describes you, you may be interested in a sports themed road trip. As stated above, sometimes people follow their favorite sports team from city to city, game to game, like groupies, all for the love of the sport. While this isn’t for everyone, as it will eat up a lot of time, you can live the dream if you so choose. Here’s how.

First and foremost, you’re going to need funding. One reliable way to accomplish this is to simply save up over a period of time, and it will take awhile. However, it’s worth it to know that you have all of your obligations taken care of and can take a break from your day to day routine for a while to do something you’re passionate about. However, you could also simply work on the road. Well, not literally, but with an online job, you could work in hotels at night in between games, for example, to keep the money rolling in steadily. Or, you could simply live out of your car for awhile to minimize costs back home and on the road.

Another important aspect of any road trip to keep in touch with the folks back home. You can, again, do this online during hotel evenings. However, a better solution is to simply carry a cell phone, so that you can receive calls on the road, as well. So, it’s a prudent idea to grab a cell phone from AT&T to stay connected during your trip.