General Real Estate Investing Terms You Must Know

General Real Estate Investing Terms You Must KNOW to be real estate investor and profit big in the real estate worlds. If you do not know the difference between Deed and Deed of trust or a note vs non-recourse note than your are in trouble. Just watch this video, and will help you get the answers.

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11 Responses to General Real Estate Investing Terms You Must Know

  1. Drew C

    Thanks for the explanation this really helped me because I didn't know what any of these terms meant. I've subscribed to your channel and is looking forward to more helpful information from you. Thanks!

  2. Asset Yogi

    Thanks for explaining this General Real Estate Jargon.

  3. Kathylu Speaks

    Thank you for your time making these videos. your awesome <3


    if so I'm interested in getting details from you.


    is the $12K deal you offer still valid???

  6. Luis.Blake LermaLancarte

    If your from Texas I need a mentor

  7. MyRealEstate DOJO

    Tyler Jackson- Thanks for the positive words, and thanks for watching.  🙂

  8. Tyler Jackson

    I usually dont leave comments but this guy really seems heart felt on helping somebody just like someone helped him once. He remembers where he came from and I appreciate his knowledge and his passion for at least trying to help someone awesome videos man you touched and motivated me so keep it up!

  9. goog mail

    Cool, nice motivational speech towards the end! get me really motivated!

  10. goog mail


  11. goog mail

    Im really liking your Real estate videos man, one of the best Mentors out in youtube in my opinion!