Getting Started in Real Estate Investing in Seven Basic Steps Do you want to invest in real estate, but don’t know how to get started? This video is going to walk you through the seven steps you need to understand in order to find success as you begin investing in real estate.

This video was created using information from the BiggerPockets Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing – which you can get for free at


20 Responses to Getting Started in Real Estate Investing in Seven Basic Steps

  1. Mary Newbern

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  2. Kevin R.

    Why is the book free?

  3. OC Guy

    how can i get started in California? prices here are insane

  4. Dalton Beauregard

    What did you do for a living before?

  5. evolver

    This video is kinda cringe—well…whatever!

  6. Asset Yogi

    Seven basic steps of Real Estate investing. Got it. You are awesome Brandon.

  7. The Kwak Brothers

    Great video! From our own experience 50% of the battle is in marketing. Of course, education is an obvious foundation! If you can find all the hot deals and how to properly analyze them, you will have money flocking in your way. Skill and knowledge are much more valuable than having a pile of money to do deals. Having more money without the education only means more money you can lose. Now, having both the pile of money and the knowledge is optimum but as humans, we have one particular strength over other resources. (Time, money, knowledge, relationships)… I do appreciate BiggerPocket's resourcefulness but you need someone locally to push you and mentor you. You simply can't learn everything about swimming unless you jump in the pool with supervised coaching. Likewise, you may need a mentor or a coach. We started off with a mentoring program. My channel offers plenty of recommendation for local mentors & groups!

  8. Schylar utley


  9. B Langland

    Why can't I just get some clear answers about real estate without my intelligence being insulted….


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  11. Randy March

    Just sounds like an ad for BiggerPockets

  12. AffordableREI

    Not bad at all, Brandon!

  13. M AZ

    fucking hate these generic ass videos

  14. Tal R

    That music has funk

  15. cade meaux

    Aye bro you're subscribe button is missing

  16. Victor Lai

    so this video is all about selling your stuff

  17. Neva Williamson

    The nitch niche was hilarious….great content as well

  18. Blake Rego

    wish this video existed without the annoying background music…

  19. jmannii

    niche is pronounced nitch, nish, or neesh. but glad we're all able to stay focused on this awesome info being presented.

  20. ty webb

    I just got my real estate license. where do I start?