GOOD & BAD News… + Buying A Rental Property?! My Full Process Explained


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20 Responses to GOOD & BAD News… + Buying A Rental Property?! My Full Process Explained

  1. MaximusBlack

    I know the video is a long one today. Wanted to show you guys how I spec/buy rentals. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Joshua Strong

    Where specifically are you looking to invest in real estate just out of curiosity.

  3. Nor To the 3rd

    Oh okay I’m subbed , I’m interested in owning rental property!

  4. Buttless Dragon

    Does this video only cover properties in Canada? Jeff, these videos are quite informative, thanks so much for doing this!

  5. KingFloydz

    Cool video, thanks for going in depth.

  6. Aaron S

    LOL they slapped bondo on that bumper and painted that fucker. baby ass damage lol

  7. Mark Chan

    If you can secure this duplex + the back land-property, you could rent them out for a while (assuming they're cashflow positive), then knock them down and subdivide-develop several townhouses/condos. Keep 1-2 them sell the rest 🙂

  8. Ervy M

    What do you mean by company? Like you have a property management team ? Or like its registered as a company?
    Great vids btw!

  9. Guarana Hernandez

    Mr. Maximus, if you yourself do the work or supervise the work, instead of hiring a property manager, you cannot shield yourself from liability by hiding behind a corporation. What you need is a good real estate lawyer. But, that will eat up your cash flow. By the way, what happened to condemning debt? If you have a defaulting tenant (like you once were), say bye bye to the cash flow. Look at it as $265,000 for Rent minus Expenses and calculate your return. Is it worth it then? Better to wait to save up for a separately metered larger rental project to spread the risk among the units. No matter what the appraisal states, market value is what you paid. You haven't made a dime at closing so stop fantasizing. Finally, ask yourself why the seller wants out. Chances are this 80 year old house will be a money pit. Buy a new property with a builder's warranty. Or have a builder build you a four-plex on that property next door if you like the location and get a construction loan. Four small separately metered units are better than two units with common metering. Just giving you the benefit of my experience. Get a part-time job at a property management company to get some experience and access to real deals.

  10. Guarana Hernandez

    How do you plan to control the overuse of utilities by the tenants? Keep the rent level and force the month to month tenant to begin paying the utilities. However, if the utilities are not separately metered, you have a problem. Consider separately metering. I wouldn't buy it until it the utilities were separately metered.

  11. Stefan Gavrilovic

    Super informative video man. Thank you for posting this.

  12. AJokersLife

    Holy shit jeff this is such an amazing video can you def make a video for young men/women that have your exact mindset but want to know how to get started or maybe some tips to get started like how much we should of have saved etc? This is literally such an amazing video man so informative your a legend

  13. Stephanie Dowe

    Jeff, Please answer. If you have two separate business's (Twitch and real estate)- assuming your paying yourself a salary from both. How does the taxes work on that for your personal income tax?

  14. Samax Alarcon

    More of this

  15. FlamboyantChamp

    very very interesting and informative video.. I feel like I learned a lot….. could you please please make a video explaining how do you regsiter or open a separate company to buy a property and you don't pay that much taxes when buying a house and liabilities ….

  16. MrGameing101

    Awesome video, I personally love these real talk videos about properties and feature investments that will setup you up for the feature

  17. Rebel Life

    Oh hell no!! Somebody rear ended you?!

  18. Alexander De Arcos

    mentor me a bit on real estate when you got time. I got a bit of questions from you personally. I done research already in real estate. I'm not new.

  19. Alvin Zapata

    Man you still have a saga Genesis game console is it for sale what about the other Nintendo for sale

  20. Salih Efe alemdar

    Are you serious dude where is the damage? Couple inches scratches wow