House Flipper – An Evening With Sips

Evening With Sips! House Flipper! We’re taking old, messy and ruined houses and giving it the ol’ Sipsy touch to sell it for profit!

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20 Responses to House Flipper – An Evening With Sips

  1. marcherwitch

    Kids: i want this game!
    Adults: i want that squidgey mop…

  2. Veyra Jeffrey

    More of this please!

  3. Fucking Raccoon

    Damn, his son is in school. I remember back when he was a baby

  4. Baleur

    I just zone out at times and wonder what the actual fuck is Sips talking about

  5. Baleur

    20:00 sips not understanding that colors look darker in a dark environment without any light in the room.
    God bless his soul

  6. leafster

    Make sum muny

  7. Mike Uiterwijk

    Play more plzzz sips

  8. Martin Black

    Custodian Simulator?

  9. DuskAndDawn

    I've always found it amazing how he can just go on and on with no real script, just takes anything and runs with it

  10. Markus Rubach

    seems like every game is early access beta now a days

  11. hendrik0902

    An evening with sips is the best way to find a game to play when you're bored

  12. flaka

    sips is a fucking peace of shit and we all kow he is any one that thinks other wise look up what he did yrs ago when he got charged then u will think the same

  13. Coffee Cat

    I want this game

  14. MrSaucyBeans

    Sips why don't you buy a metal mailbox that sits on the wall outside your front door? It doesn't have to be very big. It would atleast keep the letters safe and dry.

  15. Trifler500

    I'm not sure what country that electrical outlet is from either. If it was American, both plugs would have the center grounding prong facing the same direction. In this video, the top plug had the grounding prong facing up, and the bottom plug had it facing down. The blade prongs are also a fair big longer, so maybe it's not supposed to be American at all.

  16. StephenFlagg01

    "Nobody wants to pee on someone else's poo, that's for sure." You just made me spit coffee out my nose. Thanks!

  17. Isaac Clifford

    As an economics students can confirm; cost-benefit analysis is the very first thing we learn, which essentially boils down to 'time is money'.

  18. Denman's Channel

    I could literally watch sips watching paint dr….. ha, this is my video

  19. Othlon Nova

    i have been waiting for this game all year I'm so jangery (jealous angry) T^T

  20. Wally Garcia

    As much as I detest the whole house flipping culture and those terrible programs, your commentary totally made this video. You should dub some of those house flipper programs, it would make them a million times better.