House Flipper Gameplay : Buying and Flipping Our First House : PC Lets Play

House Flipper Beta! House Flipper is a game where you take on jobs and do renovations on peoples houses! Or, you can buy a house and flip it to your liking and sell it for profit! Today, we buy our first home and try to flip it!


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20 Responses to House Flipper Gameplay : Buying and Flipping Our First House : PC Lets Play


    The doors are backwards

  2. Svensk Tjej

    How did you download this?

  3. Robot Johnnie5


  4. Saronyx

    Where can i get this

  5. ww b

    I want the game

  6. GamingBoys ForLife

    Rad e ator it's radiator lol

  7. Shakaama

    good to see you play this. this game is right up my ally.

  8. JakeRobertsFan

    I wanna play this 🙁

  9. Colton Maughan

    Did anybody else cringe when he put the front door on backwards, he made it so people turn the lever to lock it on the outside and put the key hole faceing inward

  10. Jingalls 20

    This some white people shit

  11. Hayden Free

    the door is on the wrong way

  12. Lolindir Fox

    you should have hit the walls more I've seen it done in other channels just have to have more patience heh

  13. The Beast

    Jesus diesel the doors are the wrong way at least you finally realized

  14. Adam Baker

    Russian? More like Stewie Griffin

  15. Chrono Mitsurugi

    It funny. I dread cleaning my place, but I'll spend 3 hours cleaning in this game. Lol

  16. Ryan White

    So you can't configure the floor plan of the home how you want?

  17. SlyMercenary

    Hey diesel, get me a beta key

  18. Josh Dupont

    Am i the only one to notice the front door on inside out?

  19. Sad Pepe

    Plez upload each day!

  20. Sad Pepe

    I love this game cant wait till its out. Keep up the good work 😀