House Flipper Gameplay : Interior Design and Flipping Another House : PC Lets Play

House Flipper Beta! Today, we buy a new house to flip! We knock out a wall, add some paint, and home furnishings. We turn ourselves into an Interior Design Extraordinaire!


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20 Responses to House Flipper Gameplay : Interior Design and Flipping Another House : PC Lets Play

  1. Maycon Payne

    I hope they really take everything all people testing this game say and turn into an awesome game 😀

  2. G -aro

    that covering is buged and you cant demolish outside wall at last i could not

  3. Rowgue51

    Seems like an interesting concept for a game, but it seems way to buggy and more like an interior decorator sandbox than a real house flipping sim.

  4. Camaro ZL1

    You should make your house in the game look like your actual house

  5. Robby Jacobson

    paint the basement to

  6. Lawn Enforcement

    Get platinum addition for PS4

  7. Alikin64

    that sofa is gonna get so much grease on it ) They need to put some real fixer uppers in that you can buy cheap so you can fix it up and sell for good money , this interior decorateing don't give you crap for profit.

  8. gary thomas

    do house puzzle attic 2

  9. DREW Wildly

    I love the way he talks. Swaggy and sexy. Lol

  10. Dan Watts

    Islands are supposed to be in the middle of the room btw, the little table on the end is for eating at

  11. Joshua Wendt

    you forgot to add a dishwasher

  12. Kane Price

    diesel you should get a house with the 2 floors and the garage

  13. StevenHudson

    What's the background music called

  14. Angel Guzman

    I think floor tile is under panels

  15. Rambo420

    The tiles in the kitchen would of gone if u painted over them

  16. ivan revalls

    Read the names there was one that said bungalow basement hahahahaha I'm dying

  17. tank 8204

    I think u can use "wall" tiles on the floor also

  18. Tobias Bernas

    I'm new to ur chnnel and this is the 3rd vid that I've been seeing. So far, im liking ur content n commenting. Keep up the good work m8

  19. Car Inspector Lindell

    Imagine if someone made a game…..about LITERALLY flipping houses.

  20. Lachlan Mclaine

    I love this game