House Flipper – Our New Home! – Huge Renovations & Our First House Flip! – House Flipper Gameplay

Welcome back to House Flipper! Today on House Flipper we’re technically buying our second home and experiencing our first major home flip. I hope you enjoyed this episode of House Flipper, thank you for watching and liking!

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House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovating crew. Buy, repair and upgrade devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell at a profit!

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20 Responses to House Flipper – Our New Home! – Huge Renovations & Our First House Flip! – House Flipper Gameplay

  1. William Held

    "there's too much WHITE in this house…"

  2. Electric Impact

    I love that you yelled “do corns flower”😆😂

  3. Scar Hand

    What a nice table, and nice chairs ! 😀

  4. Gregsname

    I'm so fucking hyped to play this game, I love games based around making moolah.

  5. Madwulfus

    Liked cos you never heard of cupboards (pronounced kuboard in the UK) and have no idea what Cornflowers are 🙂 And yes Corn does flower but has nothing to do with Cornflowers! Keep it up tho great work mate!

  6. Forks in a outlet


  7. Nerf Shooter

    hello mr painting

  8. Meme Supreme

    This was my favorate house filp vid!

  9. ark stark

    great youtuber so sexest

  10. Jaimie Self

    Cup boards? You seriously dont know that word?

  11. Seth Begley

    You shouldn't add a welcome mat. Vampires can only enter a house if they are invited in. The welcome mat welcomes them inside, voiding that rule.

  12. Taylor Lewis

    Dosnt he sound a bit like greystillplays

  13. Girelephant Gaming

    JBL pulse 3, sound you can see
    and light you can hear

  14. Girelephant Gaming

    ya cup boards isnt said "cup boards" its more like "cub boards"

  15. Seth Begley

    You could've done yellow for the kids room, since that is considered "neutral" in baby-gender colors.

    Come on drae, I'm a 15 year old boy and I know this.

  16. OmegaRogueLP

    that flower is actually called corn flower, its its name

  17. T Stormer

    I'll have you know Drae I'm a girl and hate those colors lol. Dark blue grey black red some orange is for me

  18. Patrick Fynn-paul

    anybody noticed he earned 14 dollars

  19. Madison Cooley

    Wow cup-boards

  20. Madison Cooley