House Flipping – BEFORE – Restoration Easy Money!

Here we are doing a house flipping for easy money. This time we took 6 weeks with 4 hard worker guys.

Addition was redone, roofing, paint, restoring

Everything for good profit.
This is the Before video, like and subscribe to get to the After video. Thanks

20 Responses to House Flipping – BEFORE – Restoration Easy Money!

  1. real eyes realize real lies

    What does this shit hole look like now?

  2. Donna Brown

    Buy a new mobile home and put it on the property. Might as well sleep in a tent.

  3. Donna Brown

    Bulldoze it to the ground. What dump. How can the house be good if the floors are sagging.

  4. K Ben

    I suppose its in USA. Here it would have been demolished in 1980s. Who lives in that rotting place, its a health and safety hazard

  5. John Marquardt

    What insane person would pay $50,000 for this piece of crap in a piece of crap neighborhood.

  6. Her Woofness Boston Terrier

    I did subscribe and liked, can’t wait to see the finished home!

  7. Her Woofness Boston Terrier

    Where is the home located? Just the state and general area?
    I wish you good luck doing your rehab!
    Depending on where the home is located, you may have paid just a little too much.
    Nice yard, good size.

  8. leeluv96

    I'm a few years late but, I would change that whole floor plan.

  9. Tracci Quartermaine

    I would knock that house down and buy myself a pre fabricated home.


    Is this house in Mexico??


    I find houses like this for 10k – 15k all day long.

  12. Mike Last name

    50k? Geeeezus.

  13. Sheree Morgan

    The lot isn't worth 50k. I would have bulldozed the house.

  14. yazyjaz :-D

    I wouldn’t even pay 10k for that I’m sorry but they kinda ripped you on that one

  15. Barbara Powell

    50K hmmmm well the lot is BIG … I could see LIVING in the shack while a proper house is built in the back. .

  16. Heni Lee Reis

    I hope this place is in a rich area the only thing I see a value is the land and then you're putting trailer windows in there

  17. Joel Martin

    0:14 I hope he said $15,000 and not $50,000.

  18. red Pm

    I'd say thats a good 40-45 grand for the lot the house isn't worth shit, I mean there's holes in the door that you could fit through you'd be better off sleeping in a tent.

  19. Phyllis Arringtion

    he paid 50K. Ouch!

  20. Small Potatoes

    May I buy that old sink?