How Do I Build Credit to Buy a House? – Credit Karma Answers

If you’re planning on buying a house, it’s smart to know your credit score and to take steps towards improving your credit so you can get lower interest rates. Credit Karma’s Credit Report Card can help identify areas where you can improve your credit:

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Disclaimer: This video provides general information about credit and is not intended to advise about your personal financial situation. Consult a financial, legal or other professional adviser. In other words, someone who’s not a video.

20 Responses to How Do I Build Credit to Buy a House? – Credit Karma Answers

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  2. Tyler

    Step 3 was so lame, why would I eat a pancake at night

  3. Zeyberlin Baez

    your information sucks you didn't provide nothing at all

  4. Fullrusher

    Quick question, I just realized on my credit report that they spelled my business name wrong , does this negatively affect my credit because they don't know the actual business and if I file a dispute will it impact my credit ? I kind of want to leave it alone but I'm nervous lol

  5. HomeOwner University

    Thanks for sharing great information.

  6. Sven Cas

    Can lenders loan a consolidated amount for the down payment and the total cost of a home? I'm a first time buyer and am in the 760 credit range.

  7. Walter Thomas

    After 35 years, I`m still not ready to buy a house…..

  8. Henry Villarreal

    +Credit Karma, I would like to ask you if it's a good idea using a 1500 limit credit card everyday making payments of 150 dollars so the utilization rate is 10% and paying it off the same day so the utilization doesn't accumulate.

  9. MrCyborg1973

    thank you!! ive brought my credit on credit karma up from 500's to now 756 trans and 756 equifax…fico 792…so im in no rush to buy a home just yet until i find right area and everything to make sure this is where i wanna possibly live most if not rest of my life..but im trying to get to 800 or more score..i want the best interest rates and all to save as she said thousands over the life of the loan..trying to get low home payments to weather any bad economy also that may or may not come…keep things manageable! live with in my means..

  10. Yahya Kamara

    I want to but another house and my credit score is 680 or more now. Can I still buy a house?

  11. Gene Williams

    Wow, she is a dime. I will watch her videos……

  12. Mark Jacob

    my friends a mortgage broker at a bank, he says bottom line is 640 score

  13. James Bond

    Im sure this has been asked before but.. Why does credit karma tell me my score is 30-40 poimts higher than any lender that looks at my score?

  14. Q*bert

    you can't just blanket statement claim you need a "660 score" to get approved for a loan or that you need a "720 score" or above to get the best rates because, there are several different score models where one scoring systems' 720 might be poor to fair,while in another it might be good to excellent.
    if you make such a claim,you MUST state the scoring system before stating the number.example FICO 660 or whichever of the many systems your talking about.otherwise how are we to know?

    generally what one does in this case,is assume (and you know what that does) your talking about the FICO score as it's the primary leader,however since KC doesn't provide the FICO this leaves us totally clueless at to what 660/720 your talking might as well just pick any random number without stating the scoring system.

  15. Credit Karma

    +baklash84, it's possible to buy a house even if you have little or no credit – it may just be more difficult to get a mortgage.Β 

  16. baklash84

    I have no credit. No FICO score. But I have a 680 score on creditkarma but I do not have a FICO score. Can I still buy a house? I have not debt whatsoever and I've been at my job for 8 yrs. can I buy a house?

  17. kidmajestic69

    Your a very lovely lady Justine 😍 If I bring my credit report will you meet up for coffee? 😜

  18. Kevin Persad

    I wanna date Justine. Thanks to credit karma I started at 595 (thanks to my x) now I'm back up to a 763.

  19. Ivegotwo

    those break in section pauses are super long and awkward.

  20. Credit Karma

    Sorry about that! If TransUnion tells us your file is too thin to build a credit score, there's nothing we can do about that. It's great that you got your first credit card! We'd recommend charging a small purchase each month and paying off the card in full. Keep this up for about six months, then try coming back to Credit Karma to check on your credit score. Good luck!