How I bought my first rental property at 21 years old

By popular demand, here is exactly how I bought my first rental property. Everything from how I made my money, how and why I saved it, why I wanted to invest in real estate, what type of home I wanted to buy, what area I bought in…everything. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching! Feel free to add me on Snap/Instagram: GPStephan

If you’re the TL;DR type:

-Started working as a Realtor in 2008
-Saved the majority of my income from 2008 until 2011/2012
-I noticed real estate become very cheap and I wanted a stable source of income
-I bought the first property for almost $60,000
-Renovated it – and rented it out
-Continued saving as much as I could
-Continued buying more rental properties in 2012
-Continued working as a Realtor
-Bought another property in Summer 2016
-Continued working as a Realtor

Enjoy 🙂

20 Responses to How I bought my first rental property at 21 years old

  1. Speaker Builder

    News alert! All wealthy people are VERY frugal. Goes with the territory. That's how we get to where we are. Think about it, folks.

  2. Mariajose Ochoa

    You are very inspirational!!

  3. Blake Deinas

    Hey Graham. How much would you suggest someone should save before doing their first deal? Grant suggests 100k but thats for multi family. Would you say the same ballpark?

  4. Caleigh Darragh

    What did your living expenses look like at the time that you were saving up to buy your first property?

  5. riseagainstfan10

    Ok so you started at 18? How without a degree. I want to get in but I don't have a degree what do i do?


    thanks  for the  detailed  story..   helps.. Jason o


    Knowledge at its best. Thank you

  8. C Z

    How did you get your license at the age of 18?

  9. dukdude

    how much in cash did you save up before being able to buy this place? seems like you had a million dollars at 21 lol

  10. Robert Morman

    Question. If you get a mortgage from the bank for &1200, what amount of rent should be charged to the rentor?

  11. Tao of Adam

    Hey Graham do you have a Twitter account? Great videos. Would like to follow your other content but didn't find you on Twitter.

  12. Tony Thompson

    Big balling and shot calling.

  13. justin furman

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  14. Victor Mendoza

    bought a piece of small land at a tax auction. That is my first step, lol. Do have roommates paying my primary residence payment.

  15. cj venegas

    Hey check insta I dm you!!

  16. anosh khan shafiqmph

    im 13 and can hardly afford chips so why am i watching this ? lel

  17. Derrick Lemos

    Great vidđź‘Ť

  18. Ethan Wallace

    What brand is your shirt bro?

  19. Cristina Fermin

    Love your story on acquiring your first property. We are looking to buy our first rental property and are seriously thinking of investing in Bakersfield just bcuz it's still very affordable to purchase. Based on your experience would u even recommend Bakersfield? We are not looking to buy an actual house but instead an apartment building of maybe 4 units. We don't have tons and tons of money so we would have to finance. Just really want to ask if Bakersfield is a good investment

  20. Beta.Computer

    23% ROI nice first investment