How I Made $31,375 on My First House Flip – Here is my breakdown of how I made $31,375 on my first house flip in 94 days. There is no better time to flip houses than today. Learn how to analyze, buy, rehab, and sell real estate for profit.

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6 Responses to How I Made $31,375 on My First House Flip

  1. omar k

    What are the best kind of houses to buy when you want to flip

  2. onlyme

    my first flip i made about 111.000 dollars plus 18k in rental i was lucky to get a cheap house

  3. Raynell Holmes


    No one knows what it means but its provocative!…Gets the people going!

  4. Cory Lewallen

    My first home I bought I'm currently renting it out. I'm looking to sell. I currently owe $67,000 market is around $115,000.

    For your example how did you come up with 32k for repairs for your first house?

  5. Jesus efren Huerta

    How much taxes you had to pay on that profit?

  6. Troy king

    Email me. I'd like to do business with you.