How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments

Read this blog if you want to know how much I make from YouTube:

My guest John Sonmez (Simple Programmer) makes $10,000 per month from his 26 rental units. At the age of 19, he was making $75 per hour as a software programmer. He’s now retired at the age of 36, he works on his channel Simple Programmer to help programmers out there live a more balanced life. You can check it out here:

00:27 Introduction to John
01:32 Why rental properties?
04:41 Income on 26 units
05:47 Would you still recommend real estate now?
07:34 Should your units be closer where you live?
10:06 All about “Cap Rate”
11:30 Best way to deal
13:06 When inflation hits
13:56 Airbnb vs renting out long term

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20 Responses to How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments

  1. Nick N

    This fucker is making money of youtube videos preaching bullshit. The programmer all of a sudden a real estate expert. Next thing thing u know he was in the marines and gives advice on survival or self defense lol Fuck this im starting my own channel $$$ Simple Programmer i am a programmer myself and will do the same lol

  2. Risha Rene

    He's fine as hell and the fact that he's wealthy makes it even better.

  3. Martin Kiel

    I've been invested in real estate since the age of 20, going on 24 now and I have worked harrrddd doing manual labor saving up money with what is considered a decent pay where I live (45k) and the real estate I have is land so it's not paying yet… Most of us won't have 150k jobs in our teens and I'm here to tell you guys it's still possible to put money aside if you sacrifice other things and are smart with money..

    I was getting to a question though. I have a very significant amount (for me) invested in CryptoCurrency and other investments, if I were to pull out everything I could buy 3 multi family homes… What do you guys think should I stick with the risky/higher reward crypto and online ventures or is it wiser to invest in real estate..? Plus I quit my job i've been "retired" for 3 months now xd so income is not great at the moment but I'm free.

  4. Smart Money Cafe

    Excellent interview.

  5. edie lam

    Sure….your tenants signed a lease and they have a legal obligation to pay reliably. But that doesn’t mean they will though.

    That’s why we created a program that will hold them accountable and will assure you that your rent will be paid on time and in full. Please contact us to see how we can help. Rentremedy(dotcom), 1-800-931-0449

  6. Christy Han

    Love the questions that you ask! Thank you for your videos!

  7. Kyle silk

    A lot of negative comments on here, sometimes it’s easier for people to try and bring others down to their level than it is for them to build themselves up to theirs, nice to see another guy made it, people see a guy with money and assume they are lucky and haven’t had to put the work in, no one thinks of the hard times and work the guy has most probably gone through. Well done and good on you 👍

  8. RichardJinny

    I got my master's degree 25 years ago in maths. Always worked as a software developer. Now 25 years later I earn € 2500 per month. What went wrong with me?

  9. undyingvoice

    Guy looks like Freddy Mercury!

  10. Jemmy Calvin

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  11. Fadi Saad

    Very inspiring. Except things are a bit different when you have three kids and a spouse. There is no such thing as spending as little as possible or saving.

  12. Mark O'Shea

    Straight Dope Video!

  13. You Tube

    What is AirBnB ?

  14. a64750

    $10,000 /mo is fantastic! minus expenses, taxes, loss, insurance, maintenance…take home in your pocket is important too

  15. Adrian Madjos


  16. Schrodinger's Cat

    i disable adblock for you dude real talk. I torture myself with Red Lobster ads too make sure you get money

  17. Elias Hernandez

    If ur taking 10k for 26 units I'm guessing ur still paying on the properties. Which u take home about 384.00 each give or take

  18. simmsw1

    What if a person is making 50,000/ year?

  19. Timothy Lim

    Since when did Freddie Mercury get into real estate investing?

  20. Oliver

    John is awesome