How Much Money can you Make From Rental Properties

I make over $6,000 a month from my rental properties which rent from $1,300 to $1,500 a month and are bought from $80,000 to $135,000. See full article at

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  1. Frakos

    Ok can I be honest. Love the videos I enjoy watching them and can't wait untill I am old enough to buy rental properties and hopefully make a full time job off of it. But please the camera and audio quality is so bad. Like please if this is a computer than buy the logitech webcam c290 and if not then get like a canon g7x or any dslr. It will greatly improve the quality of your videos. Its not just me but trust me people will not believe that you are making 6000 each month if you can not even afford a decent camera. Audio and video are important. Im not saying that you should spend over 2000 dollars on camera and audio equipment. Here I will even it for you for under 650 Canon Eos 700d, Blue Snowball Mic, Logitech c290. Basic

  2. Pablo Barrientos

    Hi Mark, great video. I currently own 1 rental property in new jersey. I wanted to know how i can purchase my next rental property. Should i tap into the equity of my current home? thanks in advance

  3. Pedro leza

    Hi Mark, I have been renting a property for over two years now. Current rent is $1,300. Net profit is $8,000/year after expenses. I am going selling it here in the next couple of months. I am going to invest in a flip property and looking into paying it cash. Would you recommend going in with cash if cash is available or look into a investment loan for the first home?

  4. Damon Morales

    Hey, Mark!

    I'm 19 years old and will be looking for my first investment property to be a buy and hold in the mid west because of the housing prices their are considerably lower than here in southern California. I wanted to know from you if the process of purchasing and renting out a property in different states is a do-able task considering how far I am?



  5. wordsandstuffname

    Mark, thank you for putting these videos together. I'm in the planning and research phase of my business and these videos have been very informative.

  6. commandoslayer

    Im planning to rent a house that I have for $1500 a month then after saving some money get a loan for about $20,000 to open another house for rent and have a pay plan like 1300 a month to ensure the house I rented pays the fee after paying everything plus interest I am planning to do the same over again to have more rental houses. Is it a good idea?

  7. Jorge Rivera

    im afraid if i do this the tenant will screw me over.(not paying,messing up the home)its a big risk

  8. 4§4§r1

    Thanks mark. Im planning to start this in London. I am owner occupant and my flat is currently rentable at 2000 pounds pcm.

  9. Frankie Gunnz

    Mark do you teach this?

  10. J Kelly

    700-1000 taxes a year would be a dream in NJ!! tristate is so expensive!

  11. Donald McCaffery

    About to buy our second rental home this month. Our first one is paid off and stays rented out for $1175/month. Close to a military base. We have had it for two years now and so far so good.

  12. Mike Lemming

    Awesome video Mark! I have subbed your channel and am very interested in learning from your experiences! Thanks for doing what you do!

  13. morning regular

    just a question but how would I get rid of rentals very quickly without going bankrupt

  14. Zay Boogie

    Hey I'm 23 years old I'm definitely in a good location for this sort of thing I live in the Midwest I was wondering how can someone like me get started I don't make a lot of money were I work and I'm in the process of a bankruptcy so my credit is not good how can I convince an investor to lend money for a rental property or would you recommend something different than getting money from an investors I see huge potential in rentals for me I'm great with numbers and have networked with and found great deals with carpenters and people who could do repairs for less of a cost so I can cut the cost down when it comes to repairs on properties when I get started of course just looking for advice and mentorship from people who are familiar with this sort of thing I see sort much potential out here I want to tap into it

  15. MyLifeForAuir87

    how can i get involved in us property? from aus.

  16. zachary magolie

    you guys are so lucky with 4% interest loans in south africa we're at 10.5% its very difficult to rent out properties for me than bond repayments-we are very often advised to even take renters under the mortage bonds monthly payments

  17. andre maraoui

    What area do you buy your properties?

  18. dudepaintball02

    I own one rental property that is 1650 a month. How do you get properties so cheap? 80k to 135k does not add up to that large of a rent.

  19. Time+spaceperspective

    1500 a month, arent you basically just ripping people off….

  20. dreamingcode

    i subscribed! Your audio is low though. Could you use a mic on the next one? The video about snow balling payments on your rentals really helped me.