How Much Money Do I Need to Buy a House?

Most home buyers, especially first timers, usually think that all that is needed for funds to close on a house is the down payment… This video gives you a better idea of how much you would need to come up with to put down on a home.

15 Responses to How Much Money Do I Need to Buy a House?


    Thank u your video help

  2. Саддияр Колаев

    I am from Kazakhstan, Can I buy a house in the U.S. ?

  3. KiritoSenpai120

    Too much money!!! 😱

  4. Doogeruoy Sihtdaer

    Most buyers will have the seller cover closing cost. At least in my area. True not true?

  5. Cam Ramos

    Judt subscribed ur awesome bro im 24 and looking to get me a real nice place next year thanks for the insight sir.

  6. Pauliana Souverain

    sorry you to far am in phylly

  7. Pauliana Souverain

    thanks where is your location

  8. stevey jay

    that was extremely helpful thx

  9. Judy Tandori

    Thank you for the clarity. It's often those forgotten/unforeseen costs that make you feel like you're sinking in quicksand…

  10. bob bob

    Bill. You have three ties in a picture frame and zero on your neck. Care to explain?

  11. Bill Daniels

    Absolutely! Let me know how I can help happy to do it.

  12. Devante Nevels

    I'm trying to buy a house in Cali but the bank is saying I don't have an account after 2 days I opened it and deposit a check I know there a number you have to call any guidance.

  13. Devante Nevels

    hey, bill could you help me go about buy a house cash.

  14. daisyhinojosa23

    I wanna buy a cheap house, fix it up, & then rent it out so that my renters pay above my mortgage & then some more. How would I accomplish that for a 125k house?

  15. Marcela Torrejon

    hi, I'm trying to buy either an apartment or a townhouse.  would the steps and amount spent be the same?  or less money to spend.