How To Buy a Home?

Dave Ramsey explains how to buy a home and the things to think about during the process. Saving for a home can take a lot of time, especially as a first time home buyer. After finally saving enough for a house, buying a home can be stressful. Watch Dave Ramsey as he explains the home buying process.

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20 Responses to How To Buy a Home?

  1. cutter seaman

    I thought you needed good credit to get a house?

  2. cutter seaman

    Dam I just started and I got 11 percent.

  3. stayforevertrue

    How do u live with your parents and you're a stay at home mom?

  4. Johnny Klassen

    what's the song called at the end? I would like to use it to celebrate our debt free in few months!

  5. Ferdhini & Co.

    Medical bills do count

  6. James Marrero

    dave dosen't advise borrowing in general but he dosen't mind getting in debt for a house.

  7. Gambit2483

    What? You mean he didn't tell them to speak with a pastor??

  8. Harambae Mafia

    He's blaming her, he has most likely a dodge (base) charger.

  9. EscapedGoat

    Man if that was my wife I would go to work one morning and just never come back. This woman is one of those types that likes to live way beyond their means. Wow

  10. Todd Lowe

    Get a new wife

  11. Dmitriy Blashishin

    Question: my mother in law hasn't paid her mortgage in 4 years. Loan was sold multiple times. I want to buy the home but I don't want to pay 250k for my mother in laws stupidity. My question is how much was the loan sold for on the dollar? What I want to do is call them and tell them and say hey I have 100k (lets say) I will cut you a check for 100k if you release the deed, (AND HAVE IT IN WRITING) like Dave Ramsey teaches.The reason why I want to know how much the current mortgage was bought for is because it will give me leverage when it comes to negotiations. Does anyone have an idea on how much mortgage are sold for on the dollar? I hope my question makes sense. Thank you.

  12. Iain Dennis

    He's as wet as water.

  13. Pro Painters

    Grab the dog by the ears and make her bark maybe he was talking about the wife

  14. Carlos Luidens

    Why living with mother in law is not a better way to save money so I can buy a house ?

  15. windingpath

    something tells me he won't do it.

  16. Fascist

    Wife doesn't work yet she runs the financial decisions and doesn't let the money earner make decisions? Come on. Man up, dude.

  17. Dylan Bruce

    "that's not how we do things at my house" lol tell em big pimpin 😂😂


    Stay at home mom making the decisions lol

  19. centrol40 centrol40

    I'm a huge fan of Dave and 99.9% of the time he is right, but today he's wrong. Listen people never and I mean ever contact nor pay off medical bills if your goal is to purchase a home. That is what's called a t9 account. once it's on your bureaus it's there, but it does not pull your score down. It can be there for years and your score will not and I mean not go down. As soon as you contact the lender and say hey it's me can I pay you the first thing they do is report the debt as bad debt and that will instantaneously drop your score at least 10 points. Every Payment you make will also result in your score going lower. So if your goal is to purchase a home. Don't pay off medical collection bills.

  20. D Vasquez

    STEP #1- Ask wife for your balls back.
    STEP #2- Follow Dave's advice.