How to buy a house when you’re broke as hell

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  1. 2reasons

    This doesnt tell me how to get the loan to make the flip that pays back the loan plus myself

  2. Oskar Q.

    Do you except students that are a lighter shade of brown? I'm interested in your program sir.

  3. lamar truth

    He said an important term that the black community is going to have to become VERY familiar with if we want to thrive, "DELAYED GRATIFICATION".
    Living in NYC, I'm seeming with my own eyes immigrants practicing this RUNNING CIRCLES around black people.

  4. Miss Kobi

    I dont think £700 a week is broke as hell Boyce

  5. Detroit Ruffin

    Everyone wants to buy a house but no one wants to talk all the bull shit you have to go through with the banks that's how much I know a lot of people on this post probably never purchased a house before, they talk about rent vs mortgage people loves to talk about how broke they are and how hard it is out here let me tell everyone out there the banks don't want to hear you're your life story because they don't care the only thing they want to see is your credit score and you checking or savings account and do you have the down payment and that's the cold hard facts.

  6. Concha&CAFE

    I love Dr Boyce … I dont love this video it's unhelpful to someone in my situation.

  7. Mzwilder2238

    It is interesting that so many people can't see the forest for the trees. Him going into the granular details of how he purchased his first home at such a young age are not what is important here. This is a positive message in the power of setting a goal, sacrifice and achievement. It's really that simple. Analyze your situation, apply what works for you, and don't give up on it.

  8. kevin smith

    This nigga didn't tell me SHIT..Moist Twatkins is a fucking joke.

  9. Sauce Bands

    Black economic development is a mothafuckin joke. Might as well be talking to about space or dinosaurs. Professional bull shiters.

  10. Bea Co

    Dear black people, my heart breaks for you , the brothers and sisters of my race. You shoot the messenger who brings you good news. Then you turn the negativity on yourself and shoot your self in the foot , because you have no vision, or spark in your life, that allows you to see that you can achieve too. Why is that when you see other people obtaining things you don't see it possible for yourself ? You must begin to believe you are your greatest resource and the solutions to your life are within you. You may have to go in baby steps at first, until you build up momentum. Break it down and go through the stepping stones you need to reach your goals. You know the old saying, " there is more than one way to skin a cat." Well, there are numerous ways to buy real estate. You may be broke and busted, but you can buy real estate. You have to find the path that works best for you. I do not limit myself to one teacher. I gain information from everyone and everywhere. Moving forward, I personalize a plan to fit me, and start reaching my goals. This video is not tailored to fit your life 100% . There is much to be learned. If you want to buy real estate by conventional means, but lack money for a down payment, the point is you must sacrifice and budget. If you can't save like he did, then save like you can, and figure out a way to obtain more money to save, and / or use a different technique to buy real estate , that requires you to have, no or little money. If you don't like condos buy what you like, but for those of you, who are shooting down this guy for buying a condo, consider that he obviously bought cheap, and imagine what his condo bought in New York City is worth now . He may have now sold it and made a nice profit, or he could be renting it out , and making bank collecting that high New York City rent every month. Time to come out your own darkness and into the light.

  11. Concha&CAFE

    $15.00 per hour isn't broke as hell. This is some click bait bull.

  12. mizzmolly

    He says he wouldn't spend more than $30 a day because he was making $100 a day. I take it that the $100 a day was take-home pay, which translates to $3,000 a month take-home. THAT IS NOT BROKE AS HELL!
    That is about $50,000 a year gross. Give me a break.

  13. Des Brand

    Look all you have to do is put 15% before tax in your 401k and your good

  14. Supreme SkillSets

    why in the fuck would you buy a house is your broke? That's dumb ass fuck


    He inspires actually to continue working and saving till I meet my goal. I want save as much as can so I be able to live the way I want to live.  I can wait : )

  16. Chazzy Chaz

    Blowing Smoke

  17. chef mimi

    awesome, Over thinking and sacrifice for bigger reward is the key.

  18. Brother Voodoo

    Buy reading the comments you can tell black people believe having piece of shit parents is ok.

  19. immyownpresident

    Im sure you were living at ya momma house saving all that money. See, when you start breaking things down, ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE AS JUST SAYING IT….Dr. Boyce get this shit outta here.

  20. Global REI Delta 1

    or he could of got paid for a refferal $10k per property fool