How to Buy A House with No Money and Bad Credit

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  1. peoplesuck73

    all in price is $54000, so is the bank just forgetting about cc cash advance at 21.5%

  2. peoplesuck73

    and cash advance on that CC will be at state max…

  3. peoplesuck73

    Oh and NO bank is gonna give you a CC on a new business with anywhere near 0% even if you personal guarantee it!!!! wow your facts and information are from the early 90"s

  4. peoplesuck73

    Does not work that way slick!! If its a C-corp, LLC or Partnership! they will require a thing called a officer "Personal Guarantee" and your credit still gets pulled and are personally tied to it anyway, only you pay a higher tax rate because the primary owner is a business!!! Please get your facts straight, if your going to make "Money and Credit" video's

  5. Australians ,Wake Up the truth

    The problem dude is , the big short. No one will agree to this because people need money NOW to move on. Love your love of humanity bro. True hero .

  6. Alfonzo Mosley

    Excellent information! To hell with dry erase, use a black chalk board and white, yellow, and or blue chalk to highlight key terms. Use a hand held calculator, so it will be easier to revisit your last calculation. When you have made a couple of very meaningful points, pause the camera and let us catch up. Spiders represent positive fiscal outcomes!

  7. B G

    hey that is bruh mane from the 5th floe

  8. Kenyetta Grayer

    Sending that Hillary and Jazz high five! That was the business!!

  9. Kenyetta Grayer

    I'm in love!! Love educated black men. That's right educated the multitudes

  10. Choeying BeautifulLife

    This video is exactly what I need, to buy my 2nd house, thanks.

  11. Julius Ray

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  12. Cody Quist

    Glad im not the only 1 scared of spiders! Yes i know its quite a common phobia, but its nice to hear

  13. Charles Keyes SR

    You need good credit and 6 payments in the bank. Read you title!!!.

  14. avery ladd

    2 things bro:
    #1. I love the content and I learned a lot.
    #2. 720 is actually a pretty good credit score. I don't understand your thumbnail.

  15. Karla Rowe

    Im confused, the Title says bad credit, no $, then he says apply for a 0% creditcard & your credit score should be at least 720!? What? Great technique, IF you have good credut. Change the title because its misleading. This technique is for good credit, you dont address how someone does this with poor credit or if their score is below 720

  16. Humpty Dumpty

    need that 20 dollars you owe me homie.

  17. big c pimp daddy

    Lol.. u sound stupid.. yet people like it.. getto teacher , getto people

  18. SmartChic TV

    Great information! I would like to get in touch with you.

  19. S H

    You're awesome and clearly know your stuff, but I have a few tips for you: Please have better lighting, A darker marker and try to have your numbers and your format more concise ahead of time. It was a little confusing esp for a newbie. In spite of that I appreciate your help and you are a bright guy!

  20. Love God Bob

    But you DID use your own credit to get the business credit card at the beginning.