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20 Responses to HOW TO BUY A HOUSE

  1. Louise Graham

    Oh Helen 😓
    I watched this when it first come out & thought you were being over dramatic – now we're trying to buy a house & the struggle is too real!! Please forgive me for doubting you!! 😂

  2. Leaf Man

    What is a mortgage?

  3. Imogen Worrall

    Me and my partner were contemplating buying a house ourselves but had no idea where to start. Thank you so much for this 😂

  4. Portfolio Loan | Mortgage Guide

    Love it. Real AF. Love the Dad comment.

  5. Peter Anthony

    i want to buy a fucking house but a need fucking money what a bummer

  6. jingsu ellis

    Unique presentation.. wow.. You really ought to do tv commercials lol Very informative thanks.

  7. Alice Gale

    Im nearly 21, I needed to know this, thankyou!

  8. Rebecca Claire Hayward

    How is buying a house boring? Oh my god it's the most exciting thing I have ever done.

  9. Jennifer Hooper

    Amazing, to the point, informative, best info given on here! We are currently looking at houses and have a mortgage promise thingy so just need to find the one. Glad you don't have to pay upfront the fees that a bonus!

  10. adrian chen

    How old are you when you bought your house? been adulting for a few years but not sure if i should buy a house next

  11. Meghan McGill

    This video made me worry even tho I'm only 16. Loved it tho, great video!! This is just the stuff young people need to be Informed about the future and stuff. Thank you Helen, you're amazing! X

  12. Gloria Moreno

    Probably the most informative and true to a T process. I had my first go with my parents, I cried it was a stressful process. I mean you can clubbing and still be thinking if your offer would go through.

  13. Hayley Dunn

    Found this so helpful, me and my partner are going into now buying a house, and this has helped me understand it a lot better 🙂

  14. Whiz smiyh

    So helpful 👍🏾

  15. chboskyy

    I wish the Scottish system was more like this. My boyfriend and I bought our first flat last October, and you can't offer more than once – you basically have to guess what amount will get you the flat, rather than bartering, so you have no idea how much other people are offering and just have to hope you're lucky. It also means though that you feel you need to pay well over what the home report says the place is worth which is frustrating. But hey, we have a lovely flat now ^_^

  16. Lisa Bates

    this sounds so stressful i hate adulthood 😦

  17. neon kittenn

    Could you do one on council tax maybe? I rent a flat but I still don't even get certain things to do with council tax and why we pay it haha

  18. Sophie Waller

    Helen !! Ahh you look sooo especially pretty in this 💔💔💔

  19. Rebecca Hyland

    Thank you so much for going through all the details 🙂

  20. Hayley Shaw

    Wish I'd had this vid 5 years ago when buying a house, we just sold and got a new old one so the selling and buying process is all done on the same day with a chain of however buyers and sellers (5 house chain and we we're link 3) all having to exchange and move before 3pm that very day, the most stressful thing ever! But worth it fully. This was a really informative vid to watch for young people.
    I noticed a comment asking why parents don't teach you, my mum brught her house in the 70s and getting a house was very simple back then, she was very shocked at the amount of hoops being jumped through in modern times.