How to Buy a Multifamily Property (A Step by Step Guide) – How do you know if a rental property is a good deal? Check out this in-depth video where I actually break down each and every step of the analysis process to show you how easy it can be to estimate the potential success, or failure, of your next real estate investment.

18 Responses to How to Buy a Multifamily Property (A Step by Step Guide)

  1. City Park Properties

    Wow Brandon, 19% cash on cash!? You act as if its not impressive! Lol

  2. David Ams

    Lol 3 GRM only exists in fairytale

  3. chachee15

    5000 repair costs are pretty low. must have got a gem here

  4. michael griner

    the BOSS is talking

  5. Shazaad Beepath

    Calculator is Awesome, Appreciate it.

  6. Kevin Kingsbury

    Seems like a safer approach to the 50% rule is estimating 60% expenses instead. At least at the high level screening stage.

  7. Jacob Thompson

    Love and all the free resources but this title is misleading. This is how to analyze a property, which is only one step in the purchasing process. Please change the title!

  8. There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    Total Cash needed: 27k who has that much to put down?

  9. American Boy

    awesome calc.

  10. Wanda Keeter

    What kind of lending institute does a 30 year mortgage. I have 17 properties and they only do a 15 year note with a 5 year renewal. In my area you could never get a 3 family unit with total of $80,000 in property. You could maybe get the property at that cost but it would take another 20 or more to bring it up to livable conditions.

  11. Kay Farquar

    LOL! Where do you get a legal 3 family property for $70K??? La de da mention of real estate taxes! My rental in Atlanta is at $4,000/yr which is $1000 'penalty' because it's not owner occupied. Fairy tales, man.

  12. Nathan Remington

    I'm having a hard time finding a good definition of pro forma cap rate. Can you explain that a little bit and talk about what you mean by a 10 cap? Thanks!

  13. Tige9999

    Sure didn't understand none of that =)

  14. Kenneth Morris Jr.

    This calculator is insane! Thank you BiggerPockets (Brandon) for providing this essential tool!



  16. SuperProducer Firetracks

    Love it! I need to get this doc.

  17. Lexus Fox

    I'm so confused… Is it even possible to become real estate literate? It seems like it would take forever and I want to invest young, hopefully at 19 or 20!

  18. MUUB

    what about electricity?