How to buy investment property with little money down

More information on how to buy real estate with less money down:

Buying a rental property can be expensive. Most banks require investors put at least 20 percent down. Many buyers do not have that much cash, especially when you consider there are more costs involved like repairs and reserves.

There are many ways to reduce the down payment:
Buy as an owner occupant
Borrow private money
Buy with hard money and refinance
Use a line of credit
Refinance an existing house
Use credit cards

Many more.

6 Responses to How to buy investment property with little money down

  1. Bruce Crosby

    I qualify for a VA loan, if I purchase my first home with a VA loan, do you think that I should purchase a home that is cheaper or what price range would you suggest? FYI, I'm going to do the live in it for 1 year method.

  2. newidentity316

    I appreciate your honesty. A lot of these other people are leaving out a bunch of details trying to sell you something. Making it lot all nice and shiny but leaving out a lot of the reality.

  3. kdhartman44

    I am toying with the idea of buying a 4 unit condo, 4 levels, 1 with a kitchen the other 3 without kitchen. They all have separate entrance. Its at a resort near here and is already maintain by the resort there. The realtor add said it made $55k last year in rentals. Is this possible, and a good investment? Thanks

  4. Siddartha Siddatha

    Thank you for this.

  5. Johannah

    Am I too young to watch this? I'm 15

  6. swagcity

    Hey mark gotta question…what would you do if you were 22 years old with no direction other than wanting to work towards being able to separate TIME from the money equation? I come from slowlane family and while I'm grateful for them, I'd like a diablo in my garage one day. Any advice?