How to Buy Multifamily Properties with Business Credit Part 1

I’m Juan Pablo, I currently have 63 rental units in my portfolio and I have a 9 unit under contract. Buying multifamily properties is doable as long as you know how to buy them right (financing, deal structuring, and analyzing).

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20 Responses to How to Buy Multifamily Properties with Business Credit Part 1

  1. Nicky Franklin

    How can I be in your coaching group? I’m just starting


    I like your video, I subscribe.

  3. Accardo Almighty

    very clever !

  4. Felicia L

    Thank you so much for breaking it down into such detail!!! Made perfect sense!!!

  5. The Money Mike Show

    Great Vid Juan… Just subbed… Let's connect

  6. Damico's Landscaping LLC

    Say you have the $16k cash and you don't need it right now. Would it be ok to use as a downpayment instead of the credit card? It's one less thing you would have to pay back also. Either way you owe it right? Obviously it wouldn't be 100% finanaced, what I'm asking is that ok, or should I use the CC for the downpayment

    Thanks Frank

  7. Nelson Lunsford

    great insight, thanks

  8. Tory Hamilton

    I would just rent rooms out to single adults for $500 a month 5 bedrooms

  9. ronald roberts

    i lmao when he said get all section 8 tenants

  10. hihaters2004

    Section 8 tenants have too much baggage.

  11. Geraldaga

    Hi Juan, I noticed you mentioned to have the bank finance the 64K, given that you're using business credit I'm assuming you also would have the property in the business' name. However, from my research, I've yet to come across any information that states that banks would offer financing to say an LLC.

  12. EdwardRAZRhands

    This video seems like good info for a smart, business savvy person, but you really NEED to change the title to either "How to be an effective Slum Lord," OR "How to lose friends and manipulate people!" (Not to be confused with Zig Ziegler's "How to WIN friends and influence people!" ) 😂😉

  13. Schola Gee

    I dont see how you can do all this. i tried doing all this years ago and got no where. you still have to have good personal credit to start business credit. Which means i still have to work a 9 to 5 to pay off my debt to get back on track. there is no other way. comapnies dont give out credit that easy any more. Unless you contact a credit repair place your a slave to debt.

  14. Official Poa

    it is amazing NOW that the DEMOCRACY IS DEAD and the economic structure of this FAKE COUNTRY is bankrupt and totally falling apart – all the sudden every sense that JEW/NAZI movement "BLACK LIVES MATTERS" started – all the secrets and tricks of the trade to using this monetary / economical system "that everyone else has been using the whole time and prospering" is now being revealed all across the board…

  15. MonteagoG

    can you use business credit cards to buy some turnkey companies.

  16. William Thorn

    You forgot to mention the closing cost doing a cash out refi. That changes the numbers

  17. djskeme33

    Like the video but a lender is going to ask where the down payment came from. What should you tell them?

  18. Keona Parker

    Do you think its a good idea to start out with an apartment building as your first property?

  19. Jay Gladney

    Did you buy the 50 unit plus building before last year was over???

  20. NupeAtl

    Please explain Built-In Equity.