How To Buy Real Estate

How to Buy Real Estate

How to buy real estate. Forget all the idiots — The bobble head TV commentators and your well meaning but ignorant friends telling you that real estate is a problem. You want to buy real estate.

How to buy real estate. Real estate is NOT a problem

For my students, real estate is THE solution. Buy real estate

For a smart hard working person,

buying real estate should be NOT ONLY a path to financial independence. Buy real estate.

Buying real estate is an opportunity to create a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever

In all countries for all times in history, it has been —

it is and it always will be the RICH people who buy and own the real estate

You want to be one of these RICH people — you want to buy and own real estate

Consider this video as a motivational overview to buy real estate–

For more how to buy real estate, you should continue you’re training by subscribing to this channel and watching my Real Estate Millionaire Tip series

To buy real estate, knowledge is power –

When you buy real estate you will learn that values vary widely from one real estate area to another real estate area

To negotiate effectively in real estate, you must become an expert on how to buy real estate values

The smaller the area you study, the easier it will be to become an expert on how to buy real estate values —

Choose a small area to buy real estate — I recommend an area with 25,000 residents

To buy real estate, go online and study all of the sales for the last 2 years —

To buy real estate, drive by every one of these sales and match the price and property

To buy real estate, tHIS the work of buying real estate and making money in real estate

How to buy real estate – start going to ALL open houses in your area —

How to buy real estate – see every listing — even those above and below your target range — all the houses

How to buy real estate, rarely will your DREAM house be your first house.

You may buy and sell several houses to make money as you progress toward your dream house.

Now, to buy real estate, you MUST realize

When buying real estate, all real estate agents are NOT created equally

Buying real estate will involve the largest financial transactions you will ever make in your life

To buy real estate, You don’t want to put yourself in the hands of a bungling idiot —

If your agent isn’t ALREADY wealthy from knowing how to buy real estate —

you don’t want their help or advice on buying real estate

How to buy real estate is choosing a Super Agent —

Buying real estate is patience — listen — learn — act —

When buying real estate, the only thing that is bad is sitting on your ass –

To buy real setae, make LOTS of offers and start LOW

offers in real estate cost NOTHING —

based on your thorough research and the advice of your Super Agent

To buy real estate, how does this sound?

You buy one house — that’s nice

Repeat what you learn 6 times and become a multi-millionaire — probably in 20 years or less.

Thank you.

How to Buy Real Estate

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    what is he really mean? can anyone explain for me how to buy real estate please I don't understand him!!

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    Ive done well with handy man specials…so not sure why that doesn't work where he buys houses.

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    Lol someone need to edit your videos. I'll do it for some real estate cash……I'm open for business. Hire me.

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    Fake views. Look at stats.

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    i like this guy.. not foolin around… thats good

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  15. FreedomForceUSA

    As an experienced Real Estate Investor, I appreciate your No BS approach. RE is COMPLEX and it takes knowledge, dedication and perseverance. It is definitely NOT for everyone, due to the person. Excellent video, thanks.

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    Bill, you are so right. Knowledge is power. Great advice for real estate investors, and I agree all real estate agents are not created equal. Thanks for the video

  18. william smythe

    Is the back ground real?

  19. Melanee Davis

    Most People…..
    Look at people with money and think they "got lucky" or have a skill most people don't have…..
    Is belief….
    A plan & Action …..
    Learn how a fed up Wal-Mart? Cashier quit his job 60 days after learning this simple secret…..

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