How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down by Grant Cardone

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How to Buy Real Estate with Little Or No Money Down with Grant Cardone

Today Grant Cardone shows you how to find and buy apartments with little or no money down. Mr Cardone owns 4000 apartments at and shows you the four ways to buy real estate.

In this show, he takes deals in Tampa, Phoenix, Cleveland, Riverside, Ft Lauderdale and makes sense of them.

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20 Responses to How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down by Grant Cardone

  1. Ryan

    damn grants always so hard on the other guy lol

  2. Bader AlShafei

    I'm shocked no one noticed the mistakes… How is 120 – 6 = 118… It's 114… I can't believe no one at gc noticed. Not the staff. Nor in comments section… This is the first time I close grants video halfway through… I couldn't finish watching…

  3. Jennifer Russell

    Hi Grant…I want to do a deal!!!!!!!!!!! Little money down!!!! Will invest anywhere profitable!

  4. Christopher Austin

    Hi Grant, I like to concept of no money or little money out of pocket. The main question I have is can you do a show on how to use investors funds or hard money to do these deals. Inc gap funding etc.

  5. Gary Yates

    Grant , I'm just a ford assembly line worker. I'm not affraid to take a chance. I'm looking at a 55unit for 900k I really think I can double the value of this property if I fix management issues and some cosmetic issues. Please what is your best advice to use creative financing? Because this owner is obviously not interested anymore. Broker listed so if I need to what's the best way to be creative with broker fees?

  6. Grant Cameron

    Grant keeps doing 5% deposit but don't you need to do at least a 25% down payment ???

  7. Andrew Waatz

    Awesome tips Grant 😀🎷

  8. U Are The Gym

    Thank you for the clarity and direction entering the Real Estate World

  9. Joseph Nebenzahl

    y is a 10% REIT(for example Starwood stwd) so bad, how is that different than putting your money with Grant?

  10. Joseph Chapman

    So how do I do this if I own a house and my wife will probably wont seal… Can I still do this kind of work

  11. Supreme Being

    Where can I find the music to the 5 day retreat video ?

  12. K.D. Beebe

    Cue Lady Gaga at 12:02 mark 🎵🎵🎵"givin' me a million reasons…"

  13. Ethan Henning

    What is the difference between the "Cardone Way" versus a regular syndication process?

  14. Tim Chalmers

    I thought it was suggested no less then 16 units I get the whole live free rent the other units out play

  15. Markus Helman

    Love the videos love the 10x button 10X BABY

  16. Gamestime

    you are amazing man

  17. terry flynn

    HI GC TF from LV says HI, THANKU4BNU

  18. Jonathan Holmes

    37.30 i went through hundreds of women before i met elena LMFAO

  19. Lionel Gaines

    I am obsessed and refuse to have an average life #BeObsessed

  20. Chad Pinchot

    Grant, I want to see a future episode on refinancing like you mentioned. That is one topic that seems to be mentioned from time to time but is never talked about in detail.