How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit – Lecture I delivered to the University of Central Florida Real Estate School on How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit.

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  1. Jocelyn Waters

    I wrote a comment last week and now it’s gone???? It’s not like it was a bad comment. Why is it gone?

  2. Siraj Hajififty

    This is a great speaker, I see myself talking knowledge like this and you made me love real estate for sure and thank you very much

  3. EBA Nutrition

    How many times do I need to psychoanalyze the deal before I know it’s good?

  4. Jocelyn Waters

    Great info…agreed that the students seem unenthusiastic. In my local area and in the current market I don't think any of this would work very well because things are just going crazy as far as appreciation and properties generally have multiple offers but if you're in a buyers market then these would be great strategies!

  5. SuperReedScott

    Hi, Phil or anyone else that can answer this question! How much does it cost in the year 2017 to get a Lawyer (Does it have to be a Real Estate Lawyer?) and a Title Company to write up the legal contract of the terms we will do with the sellers? Please let us know the cost of both so we can compare the cost of the Lawyer vs the Title Company since both can do it correctly and legally.

  6. smackatoo

    This is great info but having absolutely no experience, I need MUCH more than all these technical situations.  I need to know how to get started from the bottom up.

  7. Sujin Chen

    thank you so much very nice video! I am Chinese so I watch it twice. very help me ……

  8. primal1977

    Can you use the U.C.C. to buy a house and how would one go about doing so? If it's possible I hope you may have some answers

  9. Angel Cheng

    In Malaysia, nobody will do such offer . Those who sell the house will ask you to pay them the exact cost of the house.

  10. Poppyraindrops p

    Great speaker. Great teacher

  11. Juanita Rea

    I have no knowledge at all when it comes to real estate, I'm a single mom I hope I don't get taken advantage when I but my house next month. It's very stressful

  12. BasementBrassCompany

    Many people are not willing to do this because of regulations.

  13. Roy Cadow

    I have just received your free book, "How to Be a Real Estate Investor." I also applied for the Apprentice position, however, I have been put on the waiting list. Until then I will be learning more from your videos, and reading your book. I will more than likely get your second book, "Real Estate Investing Gone Bad." I hope my short story on the application will get your attention. I am so ready to get on with the business of doing business and having a career in real estate and construction. Thank you Phil, for your videos and the free book I just received today. I am in preparation mode until then, to be one of your apprentices. I am a blank canvas.

  14. Qendrim Marku

    Hey Phil,

    Great Content, your channel is full of good stuff! I wish I had this kind of information when I first started! Its been a long journey since then. Wholesaling can be a tricky skill to learn but if you stick with it. It is a gold mine.


  15. rabid rabbit

    My older brother got a book about real estate it was how to predict where neighborhoods turn to gold and how you can buy houses before there costly (not title its a premise)

  16. Sunset Sunrise


  17. Miss desire Independance

    That person could have rented the house out to a few people instead of turning the deed over.

  18. ifeeltheneedfospeed

    I have a question about student rentals. A friend of mine who is renting out his house by the room spoke to a lawyer, and the lawyer said that where he lived the max amount of unrelated people that can live in the house is 3. So what if you have more rooms or you live there urself. That's only 2 rooms you can rent. Is there anyway you can get around that?

  19. Adam Lee

    Would this work in the wales, United Kingdom

  20. bk p

    Great video. Amazing information. Kept me interested start to Finnish . Thank you for sharing