How to Buy Your First Deal with No Money Down – Real Estate Investing with Grant Cardone

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Uncle G brings it for free every Monday with captain Ryan. Today on the show Grant advises to not chase your budget. Finances are won on offence. When you don’t have money, you need to get other people’s money. Who’s got your money? Don’t buy deals you wouldn’t look at if you had a bunch of money.

The fact is, we all get stuck finding money no matter how rich you are, so the thing to keep in mind is the deal is what matters, not how much money you have. Most people do deals based on how much money they have. There is no such thing as no money down because you will have to exchange something with them—sooner or later the money will have to come from somewhere. Where can you go to raise money? It’s out there, you just have to find it. Act as a broker and act like you know what you’re doing.

Here are 3 things to ask before going into any deal:

1.Ask a woman to tell you how she felt around the property. Just like when you go into a room, you know how it feels. How does the property feel to you? This is subjective, but ask yourself this.

2.Go over the numbers, the T12. This is objective. Do the numbers add up and make sense?

3.Go look at worst case scenario. Go look at the worst year ever. Will it still break even if another 2008 happens?

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  1. Sikder Diamond

    i just started blogging, can you please read and give me some suggestions to make it better?

  2. Camilo Bueno

    Gc. How do I get investors and convince them to lend me money. Wouldn't they (the investors) want to be part of the business if it succeeds but if it doesn't they wouldn't want to make part of it. Should I start by asking for a bank loan to buy my apartment and have someone else pay for my debt by renting it as a single family apartment and from there buy the next property and continue…? What do you think?

  3. mkeesee

    Grant, I LOVE YA! Give me THE CALL please!!

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    Hey Grant watching you in Australia.Go 10 x hard.Lovin it.

  5. Tony C

    FIX & FLIP 95k PURCHASE 155k FLIP UC in 30 days on market!

  6. Derrick isme

    Grant your so freaking adorable, Attention Alaina…You are a very lucky woman! I like your certainty even when your not certain, I think it's also so freaking funny when you talk off script, you still keep the show going! I have watched enough of your videos, I need negotiating skills, I want to be able to be prepared for any objection, what book?

  7. Chris Howard

    Does the expenses in the calculations include the loan payment from the bank ?

  8. Fritzgerald Louis

    I am not interested in real estate .I love financial market(forex,derivatives).But ,now i see ,why all my friends can't scale in their real estate investment.There's no room for amateurs in the game of life.
    MR Cardone is a pro.
    Thanks for sharing these infos .

  9. KingJamesVL

    What about Mortgage Paydown? Is that a good thing to bet on as well?

  10. Rocky T

    Very informative & inspirational Uncle G. Thanks for the motivation. I can’t wait to get my feet wet.

  11. Nat Serrano

    41:29 LEGENDARY RANT hahahaha

  12. Manoah Habtom

    17 years old from the Netherlands ,so excited to start real estate its ridiculous. Love Uncle G. 10X

  13. tony mack

    What was Ryan email?

  14. Chris Jay

    @ 29:45 Grants start spitting the realist advice ever. Thats really what success in anything is about. 😎💸💸💸

  15. IWBVS

    Do we just call in on Mondays if we have a question? What time Pacific standard time?

  16. Ira Bonilla

    Hey grant what do you think of this deal? It near Fort Hood one of the largest military bases in the US.

  17. Chukwudi Dike

    Is there some good reads to learn the details?

  18. Mbuso Ndlela

    So uncle G is it possible for me to invest and also find financial assistance as am from a different country?

  19. Eddie Winston

    But wait…if he did buy Sunflower Place in Dillon, SC on you can find 3 bedrooms for $549/mo thus leading me to believe when he said "You don't wanna rent out $500/mo apartments to crackheads" he just meant on a small scale. Instead go for the 84 unit crack motel.

  20. Brian Duncan

    Keep them coming G. Good stuff.