How To Determine if Rental Property is a Good deal or Not Mrflipperhouse lets you know what you need to look at in order to determine if the property would be a good rental. Building wealth by buying and holding properties is one of the quickest ways to build wealth with the least risk. Two critical factors you need to know when buying and holding properties. Tune in!

20 Responses to How To Determine if Rental Property is a Good deal or Not

  1. digitnova987

    Dude!!!! Cap rate of 15 to 30%? Cap rate converts NOI into property value, the higher the cap rate the lower the property value. You don't know what you're talking about please stop preaching..

    Thank you and please google cap rates before you start taking about cap rates..

  2. maabdou2000

    Thanks for your video. By any chance do you recommend private mortgage or banks for investment mortgage loans

  3. Fenomenoe9

    I live in Dubai and usually owning an apartment and renting it out will get you a Net ROI between 5-10% . from what I understood what you are saying in the US you get 15-30? after all costs and maintenance??

  4. Terron Winn

    I have a question. .bought a house in 2011 for 209k. today its worth 380 and I now owe 180k. planning on upgrading and using my first house as a rental. however, I will be pullung out 120k equity to put down on my new house. is that a good way to go? I can rent the first place at 2100 per month and mortgage now is 1300 w/out equity taken out. (compound account)

  5. The Boss

    Me flipper what planet do you live in I live in canada I've never heard of a house for 40,000 the average house here is 750,000 and in Vancouver it's over a mil and a half I don't like the single home stuff I like the multi unit not too big between 8 and 24 the prices here are through the roof

  6. king troy

    Thumbs up on the intro music alone i loved that song

  7. gallego c

    15% very difficult, unless we are and a really bad down turn like 2008 trough 2014, very rare.

  8. Erick Taylor

    Nice and clear, I'm in San Antonio where you located.

  9. Inspired BY JimmyL

    Wow, That explanation/example was freaking awesome. Quick and straight to the point.

  10. Renee Nash

    Thank you.  What about if you need work done to a property?   I want to have a decent multi that requires a light amount of work which would retain a happy tenant that would pay their rent without any excuses and feel safe in their home.  Property managers are good but you have to manage them as well.

  11. micah cooper

    you have any suggestion which states i can buy a decent rental property va,pa,md or atl what do u think

  12. Finlay Brewer - Brook Green

    Really helpful and easy to understand tips even a person new to the renting business can follow!

  13. Musa El

    Very informative and straight to the point no non sense hidden gadget under the table Guru Bull!  You got my attention! HMU for any Joint Ventures deals you would like to work on! ttys Peace n Love.

  14. Spencer for Hire

    I just bought a property with a 56.51% cap rate. No Joke. That's after maintenance, management fees, vacancy, taxes and insurance. And it's not a mobile home.

  15. Edwardo Snowdeno

    15% cap rate?  where?   mobile homes?

  16. Rich Bravo

    kinda of like it!

  17. Vladimir Melnik

    Great video!

  18. William Hill

    Mr. Flipper House. Good Info !!

  19. Dromedary

    What do you think about buying house after house if they are all good deals?
    Is that a good idea or is it better to have some money over in case of vacansy?

  20. slimdan

    Thanks bro!