Falcon’s House Flipper Gameplay. Let’s Play House Flipper, a home remodeling and real estate simulation game

In Let’s Play House Flipper Part 1, we remodel and sell a few houses for a profit. As always, if you enjoy House Flipper and would like to see more House Flipper, let me know with a comment n’ thumbs up!

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The house flipping business is very challenging. Improve and hone your skills. Get better tools. Deploy new mechanisms and earn cash to be able to increase investment and speed up progress. Let’s Play House Flipper.

House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovating crew. Buy, repair and upgrade devastated houses. What you’ve got at your disposal is a set of tools and parts. Use them to hammer, drill, nail and screw things together, and do whatever is necessary to fit, fix or clean up stuff.

20 Responses to HOW TO MAKE MONEY DESTROYING n FLIPPING HOUSES! | House Flipper Gameplay

  1. Ha Neul

    More please

  2. RIP9217

    More videos of this game. It's good.

  3. Locke19901

    This Olde House hosted by Falcon69

  4. mdavies97131

    Although I hope they put in penalties for smashing/painting the wrong room, I have to say I can ahem conveniently overlook the missing electrical/pluming in the walls getting smashed down ;P On the flip side, I think it'd be interesting/detailed to have to deal with knocking the walls, then the studs, and a bad mistake knocking out a support beam would topple the house down >.<

  5. Ben Fontenot

    Reminds me of Viscera Cleanup Detail.. but more realistic

  6. gingerfluff

    I'm so glad you chose to play this. I love it

  7. alexubel

    I must have missed the part where you are buying and flipping houses, because all I have seen so far is remodeling contracts from homeowners.

  8. Cecilia Santibanez

    How do I get the game? I clicked the download link but I don't see a way to get it

  9. Doom's-day rocker

    falcon flippers co

  10. Aretas Veverskis

    Please facecam.

  11. SSJ50 Goku

    Pls play more😢

  12. Professor Thawne

    You can actually sell all of your clients stuff to get a shitload of money. When house flipping you can add stuff to increase its value. Painting it will not increase its value.

  13. MN121MN

    So will you do this game Keralis style aka selling everything from your client's house?

  14. Ahmed Iqbal

    Plz anyone let us where to fing bunker alpha card in the update 1.6.8

  15. Denil Fidanov

    You should play fortnite 🙂

  16. Miles Harvey

    Dad simulator 2017

  17. The Thunder

    I like the game with many puzzle

  18. Swissmade

    Flacon, remind me never to ask you do anything in my house, I don't want you to sell everything from my fournitures 😂. That was really funny to watch.

  19. Frank Perry

    so what we are thinking is to remove this wall to give you a more "open concept "

  20. Tony Butros

    Please play this new game the name is rules of survival