How to Use Hard Money to Get Rental Properties_Apply Now for Free Consultation

I’ve done three deals with hard money. One was used for a flip and the other two were used for the buy and hold strategy to obtain rental properties. You can obtain passive income using hard money as long as you know how to analyze deals.

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20 Responses to How to Use Hard Money to Get Rental Properties_Apply Now for Free Consultation

  1. Michael Corso


  2. Paula G

    Conventional will only loan up to 75% of the LTV if it's a non owner investment property

  3. Unique Mechanics

    No one gives 100 on the ltv, only on the rehab.


    What if you have bad credit and have recently filed for bamkruptcy will the banks still refinace your deal ?

  5. Vanlesha Lawson

    Thanks for the simplicity.

  6. fitAlittlebit

    you are so excited. I love it.

  7. RosardaR

    Around 14:35 you said that the bank gives your $15k at 5%. Do you mean $80k at 5%? But you do keep $15k after the $65k payback to the HML.

  8. Rdu money

    Great video

  9. James P. Jones V

    Wouldn't I have to wait 6-12 months before I can refinance?

    Great video by the way.

  10. Yvette Holder

    Hi Mr. Juan. I'm very excited about you and your program, but I'm overwhelmed too. All of this stuff is coming at me like flying bats. However, I do love your enthusiasm. I only make a modest living as a single parent but I want to be a real estate investor. Right now, I don't have thousands of dollars to pay for a class or materials in your program. What would be the steps in order I should take?

  11. ulise melendez

    when you get a hard money loan do we got to put down any down payment or closing cost

  12. Jemerio Miller

    how much is your 1 on 1 coaching? I need a mentor

  13. Coleman Cummings

    he is absolutely correct. i did it! 100% financing/two year term/ re-fi ! boom! done

  14. MonteagoG

    Hey J Pablo,
    How can I get one of those shirts.

  15. Chad Poole

    i just started my real estate investment buisness.. and I wannna flip properties in dallas tx where I live

  16. Deke Bell

    "A plethora!"
    Your videos are great man!

  17. Jakob Watts

    This is good stuff Mr. Pablo. Thanks for sharing this info, i want to get involved with your programs.

  18. Maxi R

    Do you still have the boot camp club?

  19. Reyah D

    what are some resources for hard money? my mom owns a 12unit that needs rehabbed. I don't know any good hard money lenders? will I need a lawyer to look at documents?

  20. Azi Alam

    What's going on Juan? I am purchasing a 2 unit residential property (rehab) with Hard Money under my LLC. When I do cash-out refinance in 6 months, can the property still be under the LLC?