Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

Do you love Real Estate but don’t know where to buy it, how to finance it and how to manage it. These are the top three reasons most never invest in real estate:
1) finding the right deals
2) Get the money to purchase for down payment and debt
3) don’t have time to manage the properties

Tenants termite and toilets are an issue if you have a full-time job that makes you a lot of money.
Little deals don’t work because they don’t produce more income than they do problems.

Understand the power of income producing properties and how to pay down debt with the possibility of appreciation in the future producing 6-10% returns before the value add improvement of the property.

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20 Responses to Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

  1. Sue Hunt

    gees you guys who wants to make money invest with this man!!!


    You real .. I fucks with you Grant frfr

  3. John Wayne

    All those poor saps living in Apartments. They are not building any equity… they're just making their landlord wealthy while contributing to the ever growing divide between the rich and the poor.

  4. Andre Gordon

    How do I get in touch with you via email and phone?

  5. NinBro

    Knowledge>real estate

  6. Geoff Strong

    22 year old trying to get started in real estate. I would LOVE a free real estate investing coaching session with you so I could get started on the right track.

  7. rmarques1

    So this is how he keeps investing in an inflated market, use other peoples money.

  8. Alex Abraham Grace

    Hi Grant, what is your strategy on unit pricing (rent)? I used to manage a leasing office, corporate would send us a pricing sheet every morning, and rates would fluctuate daily. Also, do you typically have a leasing team on sight to show properties, sign leases, etc since you own large communities, or do you use a real estate agent? Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  9. Ct House Ninja

    What made you think of this

  10. user3251

    @grant cardone What do you think of rent control. Areas of Washington, Oregon, Boston, New York, California, Chicago etc have all become high rental areas. Just like you said we're becoming a renter nation. So as more people become renters they can put in Rent Controls, inspections higher license fees or other government intervention that can hit the multifamily and housing industry negatively. What do you think about a universal rent control that could really hit housing? Tenant groups are already working on it in cities in Texas, and Florida where Cardone Capital invests a lot of their capital.

  11. Gilvydas Biruta

    these videos cannot be taken for GRANTed… Amazing content

  12. Omar McDonald-Jones

    see me at to invest in the central FL area. Thanks.

  13. Zach Spears

    Grant, you say go big and don't buy single family homes to rent out, but how did you get your money for your 1st multi-family?


    I had a friend tell me some horror stories about his cousins family that owned 150 Door appartment property and told me it was the worst 10years of his life due to the constant problems, middle of the night phone calls, discrimination law suits by minorities ect..Perhaps you guys could talk about that and once you made the deal, how to manage the place without becoming a victim to all those tenants. Also, if you walked into a room of 100 people, what are the chances that at least 1 person is just fucking crazy, maybe more? I'm sure with owning 4000 Apartments in different states, how in the hell do you manage the crazy ones, getting them evicted ect. i know every state has different laws for eviction. Witch states are the worst and with ones are the better ones for landlords?

  15. QiLLAH

    I don't mean to scare you Grant but there's a guy following you, possible spook I don't know, but he sure seems interested in what you're doing.

  16. Tara & Gus G

    RE investors in tampa bay and are now living in Copenhagen but still own real estate in Florida. Is it possible to start in commercial apartment buildings living outside of the US? Thank you.

  17. Jeff Leighton

    The economies of scale on multi-family buildings are insane, most people don't think big enough to even try commercial/multi family.

  18. Richard Aybar

    I would love to get in contact with you. Looking to invest & would be honored to have the opportunity.

  19. Marcus Bain

    Feeling Motivated!

  20. WoodbridgeGuy06

    Grant.. HELP!!!! I would like to do one of those white board draw-ups on this example.. Virginia is a little expensive when it comes to real estate Taxes/property taxes location (parking, metro access, age of tenant for metropolitan area vs cost of unit). Note: Ive never invested in property however I'm curious of how to go about a deal such as the one below. You mentioned 100k -200k Deal! is basically a waste of time because the rental Income is too low.