Investing in Under $30k Real Estate and Working a Day Job with Lisa Phillips | BP Podcast 54

How much money does it really take to buy a rental property?

$200,000? $100,000? $75,000?

On today’s show, we are going to chat with Lisa Phillips, a real estate investor who buys real estate in the under-$30,000 range and achieves some incredible cash flow from her mostly-passive investing. Lisa shares some amazing insights into how she went from a personal foreclosure to owning several rental properties – bypassing the banks and investing creatively. If you are someone who is looking to get started investing with real estate investing without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – this is the show for you.

20 Responses to Investing in Under $30k Real Estate and Working a Day Job with Lisa Phillips | BP Podcast 54

  1. James Brown

    The reason why none of y'all understand why the banks won't help you with a loan modification until your payment is behind is because you guys are NOT crooks!! And the bankers ARE crooks!!

    The minute your payment goes into "default" the bank is paid IN FULL by a mortgage insurance policy they buy for your note, so they are covered if you fail to pay!!

    So the minute your payment is late, they are paid in FULL by their insurance. THEN any money you pay them from that point forward is just extra prophet for them!!

    That's truth of banking. But banking is MOSTLY lies!!!

  2. jojoeb16

    Dear ppl from other states…. it's JohnSSSSSS Hopkins
    Not John Hopkins

  3. Nina Garner

    What should you be looking for as far as what a neiborhood should look like before you purchase a rental

  4. wnc817

    I'll never work with a manager. If I get too many units, I'll hire and train an assistant  personally.

  5. newblack 762

    the banks made way more money from TARP bail outs….in my opinion thats why they held the policy of making borrowers miss payments before offering options for modification. i think they were stalling waiting on the gravy train ,at the same time charging late fees lmao

  6. Sean M. Grice

    diamond problems in algebra

  7. Jess n T

    I completely agree people don't want to work or make the effort you are so correct on that.

  8. Big 292

    other than putting the "homey feel" on your rental, by the way I agree 100% with you. I like to think to myself "I may not love this neiborhood, but have I made this house into a home I would be happy to live in". What can we do to set OUR rentals apart from others when the area is peppered with available voucher friendly houses like mine??

  9. Big 292

    let's not just hear about the problems you have had in the past (stolen AC units, drug dealers) let's hear how you solved your issues.

  10. Devon Richards

    Hey ms.Phillips I live in DC and was thinking about investing in Baltimore what areas should I look in?? Or should I just try the immediate DC suburbs

  11. Jackie Fields

    Thank you guys this was really informative, love Lisa Phillips she is a go getter!!

  12. Nick Sheridan

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is sub par. You can sum the book up in a paragraph. The author just repeats and repeats himself.

  13. Randall Ball

    I'm so glad yall got lisa phillips on here! she is really on the Grind! been following her for a minute. Keep doing what you doing!! Real estate investor / realtor myself with 2 properties under my belt. age 23. lets get it!

  14. Zawadi Kito

    Thank you for this podcast it is extremely informative. Is there advice on doing credit checks?

  15. David Spedden

    I don't like the way that Lisa Phillips speaks about the people that she encounters in the lower income neighborhoods in Baltimore. She seems to really look down her nose at them as if she is somehow better than they are, and the 2 men hosting the show just giggle along in agreement like Beavis & Butthead. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this woman is really saying about the people, but she needs to be careful of what she says. She could be just one U.S. economic collapse away from being a resident of one these neighborhoods of which she feels that she is so far above living. I'm sorry that the minorities of Baltimore disgust her so much.

  16. Saundra Allman

    Great Tip! Yes, all contact information so important!

  17. Saundra Allman

    I like you bigger pockets!

  18. Benjamin Blackburn

    I haven't seen a recent video from her either on her channel/website :/

  19. enos anson

    Hey Lisa you mention something about an under 30 club on one of your shows… Can you tell me more about that?

  20. Darryl Davis

    I love lisa shes the one who got me to take action and know that its possible!!!