Is Buying Student Accomodation A Good Investment Strategy? (Ep302)

Is buying student accomodation a good investment strategy? You generally get a higher than average rental yield but are the rewards worth the risks?

Is buying student accommodation a good investment strategy?
When you purchase a property and rent it out to uni students, you can generally get a higher-than-average rental yield for the area. But is student accommodation worth the extra effort and the extra risk that is associated with it?
Hey, I’m Ryan from And the reason why we’re talking about student accommodations today is because I got an email from Tyler – that I’m going to read out to you – where he asks, specifically, about student accommodation. I hadn’t done an episode on it so, I thought, what better time to cover it than right now? And to answer Tyler’s question.
So, I’m going to read you out his email. Then, we’ll get into a discussion about student accommodation; what’s the benefits, what’s some things that you need to consider and what are the risks associated with it?

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3 Responses to Is Buying Student Accomodation A Good Investment Strategy? (Ep302)

  1. Luke Harvey

    Well if you magic a 3 bedroom house into a 9 bedroom one you can minimise a lot of those risks…

  2. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Thank you it's very helpful video . We should make you famous Instead of making stupid people famous . 🙂

  3. gene morson

    great vid cheers