Is It Time To Buy A House?

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20 Responses to Is It Time To Buy A House?

  1. Arsena Schroeder

    I wish this was my problem hahaha

  2. Jose Sanchez

    I don't agree with his advise here. There is a very basic rule of thumb when investing: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Throwing all your savings away in one thing, simply does not sound like a good idea to me. Plus if the value of the house were to go up it would be nearly impossible to make any significant money on it, in the case that you wanted to flip it. Plus if the value were to go down you are less likely to loss any money. Also what if they lose their jobs few months after moving? with all their savings gone and maybe needing to relocate to find work it could become an ugly situation.

  3. Jo Co

    What an idiot. Who asks if it's time a buy a house when they have $120k?

  4. Sonya Thomas

    Bless her! She's great

  5. shapeshfters

    Hopefully they waited 5 months. They live in Houston.

  6. verfed

    Buy a house for even less than $100,000. Something small just for two, then save and in a year or two when you have kids you'l have saved up for a bigger house.

  7. Scott Minton

    I'm 41 SSG in the Army with 21 years active duty. I have $20k in the bank and will have at least $25k in by march. I'm stationed at Fairbanks, AK but plan to retire Tacoma, WA area. I want to by a house in that area either before I retire or shortly after. What words of wisdom can you give me?

  8. klevdavful

    Dave is solid I believe he speaks from logic and he speaks from the heart and joy listening to this guy

  9. John Rider

    Property tax 300 a year

  10. John Rider

    Got 84 acres for 159000

  11. magiesq

    $600 a month compared to the REAL cost of home 'ownership' I'll always go with renting. You can say a home is an investment but you only consider that when you SELL the house. You don't account for insurance, repairs, taxes etc all the extras that goes with it. Especially if you aren't married or have kids, a house would be too expensive. I'll just rent and flip homes or something…

  12. M Garcia

    wow nice lucky her came into the marriage with 100,00 thousand what a blessing!

  13. guruchess

    The only thing I take issue with is the idea that renting is throwing money away. Housing is like a service you are paying for. You are paying to be sheltered from the elements so you are receiving something.

  14. Mike F

    He forgot a crucial component. Since 100k of the 120k is her money she needs to write a contract saying she gets 83% of the house sale price when they sell the temp house. If left unstated and the marriage doesn't go well, it is split 50/50 in a divorce and she just lost 40k.

  15. Just think

    he says nothing about the boom bust cycles of real estate in the US. the next bust due in 2015. fed has raised rates 3 times since Trump's election. yeah, save and move to a decent house for $150k (unless it's a dump or bad area).

  16. Cynthia G DiBiasio

    I'm 62 retirement income of 3977 clear a month. I only have 9,000 in debt. Living paycheck to paycheck. Should I rent or buy a small house in cleveland Ohio metro area. Rents for apts with nice ammentities run about 1,000-1,200. Rent or buy?

  17. Bob Marley

    I bought a house with my girlfriend with no money down. We got married, and the house went up $150k. We got lucky, but sometimes that is what it takes to get jump started.

  18. Umair Osman

    how is it possible for her household income to be $85 K and she saved $20K in 5 months ?? that means $4 K a month?? did she not pay any federal taxes, etc etc ??

  19. Mighty Mouse

    I really think owning a home is a super overrated investment. I know for me I can save way more money by renting cheap and investing the extra money I save not having to pay for the down deposit and all the utility expenses of a home.

  20. Daniel Garcia

    buy a 100,000 home, live in it for a year, turn it into a rent place buy a big house