Kaks Basement Finishing on Flipping Boston King of the Castle S

Refinishing or finishing a basement in the Boston Area? Watch as the the guys bring in the experts from Kaks basement finishing to finish a massive basement. As they truck thru the city traffic from the south shore to finish the basement in record time. #basement # finishing #south shore #Boston #

20 Responses to Kaks Basement Finishing on Flipping Boston King of the Castle S

  1. manystar

    It looks like the house of Home Alone

  2. RK Coder

    Which Boston suburb is this in? $925K seems too low for a house of this size.

  3. HitmanPiggy Studios

    Just love it when Dave happy time is over

  4. Lisa Redhill

    Wish I could see more shows

  5. MusicMan5706

    I love these two guys especially Dave, he is hilarious, great show

  6. PTSD Shit Show

    Remember, the 2007 S&P Models declared that prices aren't allowed to go down. And since Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat" came out 12 years ago…..everyone knows that there's no external forces preventing Wages from increasing ….now is there?

    So …..my veins are amping the vibration of "FLIP FLIP FLIPADELPHIA!" Till the self conscious Cows come home.

  7. Jerome Silva

    you gotta hand it to Dave for his ''frugal-ness'' tho (applause)

  8. Ronald Mendoza'

    Lol Imelda Marcos haha

  9. Luke Aschbrenner

    I wonder what that wife does besides spend her husband's hard earned money.

  10. Retha Maartens

    why are they throwing and breaking things that can be used by other people

  11. Peewee Santoyo

    This Bitch wants a house, some kids, a new closet for shoes and clothes, a new basement and I'm barely half way through the video

  12. wildmonkies Jr

    Damn Peter would look good with so,e black eye liner

  13. Josue Martinez

    I'm a Flip Man too ☺

  14. Arnold tag-at

    Its a great show, i always watch this show.

  15. Addicted2Java4Life

    While they OVER-WASTED their money on Bosch and Samsung, they didn't have money to fix that floor and make it worth MORE than $925k, BUT, your Flipping hat never came off to be exchanged for home-owner hat!

  16. Addicted2Java4Life

    I don't know WHY he didn't get Fujitdu Halcyon OR a Daewoo ductless system foe MINUTE amount of Samsung's system!!!

  17. Addicted2Java4Life

    Why didn't he get a Navien System for about $2k INSTEAD of the Bosch System???!!!

  18. Anglo B

    That dave needs to sort his accent out English and proud !

  19. Kimball Scott

    You can't knock a Man that loves his Wife and wants to give her the World….That's a good Man!

  20. Kimball Scott

    Wifey over-ride that was wrong LOL!!!!