There are many ways you can master snowboarding. Snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular, and it isn’t any surprise that more and more people are taking up this sport. Besides learning how to snowboard, it will do you a lot of good to look up ‘how to’ snowboard tricks on the Internet or in various snowboarding manuals. This way, you are able to improve your performance and maximize your snowboarding experience.

One snowboard trick is known as the Fakie. A Fakie is a fairly simple trick to perform once on quarterpipes, or QP. Here, you shoot up in the air for a jump, landing right where you left the ground. Once you get to a QP, you need to ride straight with your feet flat on the board. Remember to keep your knees bent and your legs muscles relaxed.

At the top of the QP’s lip, keep your body in the same line and grab the frontside of your snowboard as you soar up into the air. Before you land, look down to check that you are still in transition. This way you’ll land on pretty much the same spot you lifted off.

You can master your board with boxes, particularly if you are keen on boardslides and front boards. Boxes are preferable because of their width, and you never have to worry that you’re not planted dead center on a box. When practicing a boardslide, get on the box at an angle of 90 degrees. While on the center of your board , keep your feet flat all the way until you reach the edge of the box.

These snowboarding tricks are a great way to enjoy this winter sport, and they will help you master snowboarding better. As soon as you perfect one trick, proceed ahead to the next one. Pretty soon, you’ll be a skillful snowboarder in your own right.