Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 152 – Flip This House

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Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 152 – Flip This House

20 Responses to Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 152 – Flip This House

  1. naru102

    decided to watch this video again for nostalgia purposes. Always enjoyed that they kept making hobbit jokes, then I hear this :


    Michael talking about how much orange would go well with purple/ They were hinting it the whole time. IDK if anyone else caught it, but this just blew my mind. now I love these guys even more.

  2. Cody Smock

    "We should try it with orange, goes good with purple" – Michael Jones

  3. Grell Sutcliff

    gavin- "im going to harden the clay."
    micheal- "what are you going to rub your nipples on it?"

    micheal this is why you and lindsay are my favorite

  4. poriferaThief

    Watching this after witnessing Jeremy and his things (being short, Rimmy Tim) all they were doing were speaking Manifest Destiny on this house what with the talking about the "gaudy" color scheme of purple and orange, mentions of hiring a dwarf. Ya'll the coincidences are fire.

  5. It's KatyBug!

    Orange goes good with purple, just saying/// there's so many hints AGH

  6. 3rsa

    Ryans foreshadowing
    "Are we gonna hire a dwarF??"

  7. Eduardo Sacasa

    11:31 if only Ryan knew…
    well i guess he knew, but still

  8. Suzanne xyz

    Geoff being cute ("Oh, RY-an") – 42:24

  9. LairdDeimos

    "Orange goes with purple." And so a legend was born.

  10. Brock Pellam

    Michael: What goes well with purple? Orange?
    Me: Yes. Yes it does.

  11. Vakan

    Michael: aint no fuckin hobbit gonna be livin here.

    Are you so sure?

  12. KingOfStrongSwing

    "We should try orange. It goes well with purple" -Michael Jones, 2015

  13. ryan melchior

    37:13 Michael calls out Rimmy Tim before he happens. 🙂

  14. AzimuthGames

    36:48 What do you think goes with purple? Orange? Rimmy Tim is born.

  15. trevor schooon

    I know,its really late, but what is the butt??

  16. Me? I'm NOT Single

    Funny how Michael talked about how orange and purple go together. It's almost like he knew

  17. Crawdad

    “Orange goes well with purple” -Michael
    And Rimmy Tim was born

  18. mkcreeper 230

    Gavin "what kind of carpet should we have" Micheal "orange goes good with purple" RIMMY TIM

  19. CasioSilver

    36:47 is what I've been looking for, lmao purple and orange for Jeremy's future house like… did Michael know about Rimmy Tim at this point? I knew there was like some small reference in these early episodes.

  20. therealeifel105

    Ryan: "Are we gonna hire a dwarf?"

    Funny you should ask….*super late I know*