Los Angeles Real Estate Reality Check: What will $400,000 buy?

When we set out to find the homes our budget would buy, we knew we would get little to nothing for $200,000. But doubling that price limit to $400K we just assumed we were firmly in the SoCal housing market.

Our eyes didn’t want to tell our wallets what we found. It’s not that you can’t find a house for nearly a half million dollars in Southern California; you can. But is it in a place where the commute to work is realistic? Is it in a somewhat safe neighborhood?

Depending where you search, the answer is decidedly, maybe. http://www.foxla.com/news/local-news/136461750-story

20 Responses to Los Angeles Real Estate Reality Check: What will $400,000 buy?

  1. Irving Rodriguez

    If you looking for a cheap house near la try riverside ca

  2. Luke Hernandez

    Can you say Bubble….. pop!

  3. Eddie Munster

    This exactly why people should move out of California

  4. Papia Mitra

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  6. Дядя Федя

    No way, houses in Los Angeles go for same price as Denver dang

  7. Brian W

    I’ve seen half million dollar homes in Lynwood. A city where you would be lucky to survive a few years without being shot to death. Gang violence constant, graffiti, transients, pollution, noise…


  8. BeatleD65 Evans

    The Real estate agents are on crack cocaine !


    Dis why you should rent

  10. nowitsabadtime

    Its crazy, if you check Zillow for the Hollywood Hills, houses were only selling for like $250-300K as recently as the year 2000.  Now, they are like 10 times that!



  12. Test Testić

    It's the land that's expensive. Not the house.

  13. Curt Phillipps

    Demand will drive the market for the next 5-7yrs for new building to catch up,those houses will be worth over 1m before the next crash

  14. Loretta Montgomery

    That garage is illegal. You must have big window exits to exit in a fire. This will be reported.

  15. Саддияр Колаев

    I would like to buy this home

  16. ninja

    California is getting to be like London::: ridiculously overpriced for NO REASON!

  17. Totally-LA

    Actually I found a LOT of homes in the $200K range here

  18. Bean she

    Left the US and moved to Amsterdam, Holland 🇳🇱… Even smaller and more expensive but the Healthcare is great and there's no property taxes…

  19. Jennifer Stevens

    Ok. I am moving to LA TOMORROW and I am by no means wealthy. I currently make 14 bucks an hour at a temp job in SANTA MONICA, and just to park in front of my office is 200 dollars a month! I think I do get reimbursed but seriously?? 200 a month just to PARK? I have no choice but to move there because my son and his father live there (in the ghetto) and I'm tired of driving 2 hours all the time. And when I say ghetto, it's a tiny 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house on a lot with another house and one skinny driveway that everyone has to share and I think they pay a miraculous 950 dollers a month because they've lived in it for 12 years. Everything, even in the ghetto, is at least 1500 a month. (That's for a STUDIO APARTMENT) I'm dreading the entire thing really….aaaaa.

  20. Nam Le

    lol the worst beef I've ever eaten was from food for less