Mexico Real Estate – Top 5 TIPS for Buying Real Estate in Mexico

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Buying real estate in Mexico is very different than buying real estate in the United States or Canada – there is a whole different set of rules to play by and you need to be careful or you can end up losing a LOT of Money. Be smart, follow these Top 5 Tips when purchasing a home, a condo or land in Mexico.

Mexico real estate is different and challenging, but if it is done right, it is perfectly safe and no, the government isn’t going to take your property. Nor do you have to have a Mexican partner. If you are smart about it, buying real estate in Mexico can be a very profitable and rewarding venture… plus, it’s an amazing place to vacation, live or retire, so just make sure you do things right and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your purchase for many years to come.

The Mexico Minute brings you the real truth and answers to your questions about Mexico by someone who lives there and knows the real deal. When Steve Didier was planning his move to Mexico, he found it nearly impossible to find accurate information about anything Mexico related. So after having lived in Mexico for several years, he decided to get all the answers to people’s Mexico questions in one YouTube channel – one source to get the real truth, with no media sensationalism or BS.

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Whether you are planing a vacation, extended stay or just want to move to Mexico for good – this is your source for 100% true, unbiased and accurate information about all things Mexico. Leave any questions in the comments and I will answer them personally.

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20 Responses to Mexico Real Estate – Top 5 TIPS for Buying Real Estate in Mexico

  1. Teacher Nia

    Ha ha. It's like musical chairs but most people think the music will just keep playing. Making USDs or any currency for that matter and converting to something of actual value that can't drop to zero is the right direction for me.

  2. Caban Condos

    great video

  3. Devon Wayne

    I'm looking to buy real estate in Puerto Vallarta. Playa Del Carmen is really nice, though. Seems a bit overpriced, but I suppose that's central tourist territory areas. Do you do affiliate marketing?

  4. Devon Wayne

    Yes you can buy real estate.
    Buy it from a Trust, if near a border or sea. You cannot own farmland.
    Having a mexican wife or partner makes it a lot easier.

  5. kmccampb

    Hi. I am a retiring RN seeking to buy inexpensive land (1-2 acres) where I can park a small container home or trailer to live in. I would like to be away from cities, small villages OK. I would like a forested area with very moderate climate (I've heard that's 3000-6000 ft altitude.) I will spend substantial time in Africa so need a very modest place for permanent residence. Is this a crazy Idea? What is the labor cost of workmen who do remodel jobs? Thanks.

  6. Johnlouisdiaz

    Can you do cell phone service in mexico next? Thanks!

  7. bobyee1972

    Great video…along with all your other videos. I'm new to your channel. I'm thinking about an eventual move to Playa in the near future. But I would like to come down and check out the area to see if it's a good fit for me. I would like to rent for a few months before I invest in property. Is there a good time of the season to check out rentals? Can you recommend some reputable resources to help me when I get down there? And do you rent or own? What do you think about bringing your own car to Playa? Or do you think owning a scooter is a good idea?Thanks for the help Steve.

    Bob Yee

  8. Shayke Speeer

    How about an update on the safest areas of Mexico…… but make it about the safest, most affordable areas. Thanks.

  9. Lasha Israel

    Helpful video!

  10. Fredo Marinela

    As a Mexican living in the USA I appreciate you giving Mexico a good name for people that believe everything they see on the news media. Gracias and Thanks 🙏

  11. jbailey13

    Do you have to buy a house using a Mexican Bank Trust if you've sold your house in Canada and can pay cash for your house/condo in Playa de Carmen.

  12. Luis Sousa

    Is it a tax write off. In the USA?

  13. xrebelkittenx

    so when are u going to make a video about Mexican señoritas? 😝

  14. Nelson G.

    good info. thanx

  15. carlos torres

    impending crisis?

  16. Mike Nguyen

    thanks for all the great info. we are planning our move to playa del Carmen as wel. would live to get your input on a few things.

  17. dumpdigger dave

    what about living real cheap, any houseboats or buying plot of land and building a shack ? i'd like a boat in a marina

  18. Mekong Farang

    Cambodian real estate > Mexican real estate

  19. jesus galvez

    B.S. In the U.S. "your real Estate agent" makes money by having you spend the most money he can have you spend. They make a percentage of how much you buy…Do not look into "Gringo" destination places, look into places you can buy a house close to the beach for $ 30, 000 dls.

  20. MR JRH

    How good is your spanish? I want to relocate either to Mexico or the Caribbean.