Millionaire By Age 26 With Real Estate Investing | The Making Of A Millionaire

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20 Responses to Millionaire By Age 26 With Real Estate Investing | The Making Of A Millionaire

  1. 1

    Houses will always be in demand. You can't go wrong with investing in real estate.

  2. Kwan Grimes

    Horse shit. So u got a multi million $ listing as your first listing as an 18 year old in a recently collapsed market? Na…who helped?

  3. Brian Perkins

    This is a great video! Thank you

  4. Tri-Core Developments

    awesone man .. if anybody wants to see some real estate videos then our channel is gonna blow up soon!

  5. unlimited anime

    what is outro song

  6. ElBrisho

    Two of my favorite inspirational young YouTubers!!

  7. Noah Izquierdo

    Can someone explain to me the lease thing or send a link to a video of what he's talking about

  8. Samar's Gadgets World

    how to get damn buyers?

  9. John Sanchez

    So much truth in the it doesn't matter what you make. If you make 50k a year but save 30k and invest it, you can turn out better than someone who makes 100k but spends it and doesn't save anything.

  10. Kyle Dempsey

    Graham is a dreamboat 💔

  11. Darin Balaban

    Who is grey ham?

  12. Can Man

    sir but in India you need to be 18 to get pen card.. before 18 you can't start any online business. or do share marketing

  13. Edward Kunz

    Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Digibyte, Ethereum

  14. EffusiveHD

    How did you get your license at only 18

  15. D Lee

    holy shit those are some long ass fingers

  16. diething1

    where do I apply to get my real estate licence?

  17. Nate Wheeler

    Awesome story! Are you interested in helping a rookie get started? Haha

  18. Tommy Perry

    The dude in the back round around 3:30 is the dude from TwinzTV. lol that is funny he was lurking in the back of your vid

  19. interests10

    wow, you really look like someone?? i mean someone online. ??

  20. David Michaels

    good for him