My Experience Buying A House Cash | Real Estate Investing

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16 Responses to My Experience Buying A House Cash | Real Estate Investing

  1. Cloud9 Couple

    Someone’s a Conor fan lol

  2. Emperor Hobbes

    Buy a motorcycle


    Ricky, would you recommend becoming a realtor to somebody interested in real estate investing? Could you list some pros and cons to getting a real estate license for investors?

  4. kokoponics

    Ricky how did you get your money to start investing did you save it or was it given to you?and where did you first begin investing(stocks,real estate, etc.)… Thanks for a response I really want to begin investing or entrepreneurship but don't know that I am going about it the right way.

  5. Jordan Washington

    Your a boss man love the video keep doing your thing dude congrats on your new investment.

  6. Shivesh Shrestha

    You are Inspiration Ricky!

  7. ChicagoDieHard23

    Im 23 and planning on becoming a real estate investor so I’d love to see more videos on this stuff

  8. Dalton Meis

    I sent you a private message Ricky, I do hope you still read those. Thanks!

  9. Jenny Jenson

    Exciting for you, Ricky!

  10. Video Starts At
  11. Alfredo Perez

    colab with Graham stephen again

  12. Bobby Digital

    Ricky, I just want to say I'm real grateful for the knowledge you provide for us!
    Thank You!

  13. Hector Ybarra

    Hey Ricky I've been receiving emails from someone claiming to be you or maybe it is you not sure I just want to verify if you have been emailing me my email stars with vicpda@ if your able to let me know if you have I will respond to the emails I've been receiving. Thank you in advance

  14. Ismael Hernandez

    thank you Rick

  15. indigo justice

    I would definitely recommend making a video on investing for your first time and steps you can take in order to get the capital to get started at a young age. I personally am in the process of getting my real estate license and trying to invest in property so I would value a video like that!

  16. Leo Castro

    Congrats on the home