My First Rental Property – Duplex 6 Year Buy & Hold

My First Rental Property – Duplex 6 Year Buy & Hold

This is brief scenario of my first rental property the acquisition, renting and disposition. This property was located in SW Atlanta, and I was able to make out pretty decent I believe from my first investment property.

I know that getting your first rental is a big deal but you have to just make it happen and take it from there, learn as you go.

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18 Responses to My First Rental Property – Duplex 6 Year Buy & Hold

  1. LahTafari

    U worked @ UPS, how did u save $6000 for the down payment

    1 day i will do as u did.

  2. Lawanda Turner

    How did you qualify for your first mortgage? What was the application process like? Thank for sharing your experience

  3. Anya

    Heey, you're cute, thanx for sharing this information with people, share the wealth, spread the knowledge…

  4. Reginald Williams

    I'm broke af.. but i'll save 6-10k and give you 1k if you can help me do what you did..

  5. Jeffrey Blaise

    amazing video. thank you for sharing. I've done a lot of research on Robert keyosaki and read rich dad poor dad and would love more info…i am also wanting to purchase my first rental property and would take any help i can get…. email:

  6. Idan Z

    As someone that owns 123 apts- i wanna say it is very very not common that an investor would find financial sense to buy an investment property for 150,000 cash and not through a mortgage when the appraiser says its worth about 20k less

  7. Tracy Ellis

    Thumbs up for being a solutionist. I totally agree not many around.

  8. M.

    I just bought my first investment property in a low income Atlanta neighborhood. Just stumbled upon your videos when trying to gain more info about section 8 rentals. I've watched quite a few since. Your videos are very informative and appreciated. Keep it up!

  9. curtis harvey

    Great video and that for helping me understand the process.

  10. Camera talk305

    great video and thanks for sharing the wisdom

  11. Jayson Quintanilla

    Congrats on that profit that's the way to do it man keep it up

  12. Kiffany Cody

    I'm looking to purchase my fort rental property asap! I admit, it's a little scary.

  13. lucian wells

    I would like the ebook man

  14. Nigel Bailey

    thanks man good advice… did u have to pay taxes from the rental income

  15. kevin Arellanes

    I was hoping for u to send me your e book got some $$$$ saved up an need to make a move asap ..would definitely appreciate it my e email kevin_arellanes@yahoo.

  16. Elisabetta A

    HI Thelonious, Thank you for your video. Just wonder, how you get the first fund to pay for the initial??

  17. rociosreviews

    Awesome video

  18. Josh Cha

    how did you decide to start this up?