First Time Home Buyers Guide – Tips and Advice

First Time Home Buyers Guide – Tips and Advice

This video is essential for every first time home buyer and it’s a great refresher even if you’ve purchased a home before.
From searching for a home to understanding the mortgage closing process this video will help you navigate the process like a boss!

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Here’s an overview of everything in the video:

Intro – 0:01

What You’ll Learn 0:29

Fun Fact – 1:03

I’ve ABSOLUTELY been right where you are

STEP 1 Apply for a Mortgage – 1:32

Get preapproved before you go house shopping

STEP 2 -Make An Offer – 4:29

Price & Contingencies – Offer, Counter, Accept

STEP 3 – Escrow Period – 7:07

Period between Accepted Offer and Closing

– Secure A Mortgage – 8:08

– Home Inspection – 8:51

– Address Contingencies – 10:07

– Get Insurance – 10:38

– Closing – 12:32

Closing Costs – 13:27

Monthly Mortgage Payment – 15:45

– Principle – 16:30

– Interest – 17:00

– Escrow Account Contributions – 17:41

Rookie Mistake – 21:17

Outro – 22:28

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