Because of scratches in your paint on your Yamaha outboard motor, corrosion and other damage can occur. Whenever you bumped your Yamaha engine and damaged the paint you should fix it quickly and efficiently with high quality Yamaha paints and primers. They are specially developed for water sports and guarantee the best matching colors.

Before spraypainting your Yamaha outboard motor, make sure that the aluminum is well dried. This you achieve by storing the part in a dry space for a couple of days, in a dry shed for instance.

If you have stripped the aluminum Yamaha outboard parts of all paint, it is best to treat the aluminum first with sinc-primer. This will guarantee a good connection between the aluminum and the paint. The sink primer is not suited for the outboard motor top cowling, only for the aluminum and steel outboard parts.

Before you start spraypainting your outboard motor, the surface has to be well sanded, dry, without dust and be cleared of grease.

The most important part of spraypainting your Yamaha outboard motor is the sanding part. The smoother the aluminum is sanded, the more the endresult will be satisfactory. First use sanding paper that is rough, after this use more and more finer sanding paper.

It is better to apply several layers of thin spraypaint in stead of using one thick layer. Between every layer wait for a few minutes, but never longer than 30 minutes. After applying the spraypaint on your outboard parts, make sure the paint is well dried. The best is to wait for 24 hours before doing more work on your Yamaha outboard motor parts.