Pay off your mortgage or buy another investment property?

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20 Responses to Pay off your mortgage or buy another investment property?

  1. cingoz1985

    Wow it's so easy to be rich, I never realised that absolutely EVERYBODY can be rich. All you have to do is follow a couple of easy steps. I feel so dumb, here I am working for money like a idiot when I could be sitting back and having a "passive" income from the sky.

    Mr Binvested I think you forgot to include a little known fun fact about the mountain of mortgage you have with the financiers of your property portfolio. The fact that at any moment they can (and have in the past) required that the mortgage be honoured within 24hrs notice. This is very real risk I think you should think about, but don't loose any sleep over it.

  2. EmperorWildManChan

    Folks…Times are changing.  One should NEVER want to carry a mortgage at any lengths and at any time.  If one has money left over after a mortgage payment, instead of thinking any kind of investments, apply that money toward reducing your mortgage balance.  Why? Because at any given moment, should you ever lose your job for any reason, you're screwed.

  3. Aseel Al sinjo

    Do you have 10 mil if debt?

  4. Big John Stud

    dafaq is that sound!!!??!

  5. Assaf Wodeslavsky

    fix your audio.

  6. MrJules409

    audio sucks balls

  7. JOYCE70817

    No sound on your video! Wish I could hear.


    Hurt to listen too, good info but fuck me that sound.

  9. PI Finance

    Watch Daniel talking about his buying first investment property 🙂

  10. James Mantra Schultz

    Really digging your videos Nathan!

  11. Darren Blackwell

    Mate, luv your work. Thank you for sharing your honest approach to investing. 2 thumbs up.

  12. Jorge

    Sorry new to all this and still trying to understand how property investment works. Just a question, if you just bought your first property and planning to buy another one soon (say after 12 months), would it be a good option to put your money on the mortgage of your first property to convert your money savings into equity to increase the equity value of the first property? Then use the equity of your first property via equity loan to buy another property (saying that you have a positive re-evaluation)? Because:
    1. Would it be tax deductible if you're investing via equity loan?
    2. Would there be more associated tax and higher interest rates if you invest in another property via cash from savings vs. equity converted cash?

    Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or provide some clarification. I would love to learn a lot from you. Cheers 🙂

  13. Banyan Tree

    Don't give up your day job – your only covering off the basics here

  14. jeff 8762Aaaa

    no sound dogg

  15. kevin oliver

    Ok thank you .I read the advise on trying to find a broker. Cheers will look into it and take on board

  16. kevin oliver

    I have equity in my house. It was old building I renovated as I am a builder. I reckon I have around £100,000 equity in the property , how do I buy a second or third house without any deposit . Meaning cash to hand. not including the equity. Or will they allow you to use just the equity as a deposit? ?

  17. Fairfanx

    Equity is an illusion until it is realized. If your going to do real estate for passive income then leverage as much as you can to accelerate growth. Turn properties into cash machines not equity machines, never assume property values will go up ever. Know the value by creating it. A house doesn't care if you buy it for 125K or 25k, it rents out for about the same.

  18. impulse1311

    do yourself a favour, please use both speaker channels, you just got a thumbs down and – 1 view….

  19. mikey13b

    What i would like to know is, after you buy the first property at say $250k, and if you have an average salary of say 65k, how is it possible to get enough equity to get loan approval for another $250k to buy the next property quickly, when you are in debt $250k? 

  20. gerard rooney

    good  advice  really easy to follow steps