There are several places where you can buy your Raiders Tickets. However, in order to ensure the best deal for yourself, it is always prudent to buy your tickets from an authorized ticket broker. The Oakland Raiders are a professional American Football team, located in the city of Oakland, California.

Team History

The team was established in the year 1960. For the first nine years from 1960 to 1969, they played as a part of the Western Division of the American Football League (AFL). However, since 1970 after the AFL-NFL merger, they have been playing as a part of the AFC West of American Football Conference of the National Football League (NFL). The team played under the name of Los Angeles Raiders from 1982 to 1994. So far, they have won four League championships, four Conference Championships, and fifteen Division Championships.

Reality Bytes

The team colors are Silver and Black. That is the reason why the team’s nickname is “The Silver and Black”.
Lane Kiffin is the current head coach.
So far, there have been thirteen Pro Football Hall of Famers from this team. However, the team has not yet retired the jersey numbers of former players on an official or unofficial basis.
The divisional rivals of the Raiders include The Denver Broncos, The Kansas City Chiefs, and The San Diego Chargers.
The San Francisco 49ers are the geographical rival of the Raiders.
The historical rivals include The Pittsburgh Steelers’, The New York Jets, and the New England Patriots.

Home Stadiums Of Raiders

The Raiders have changed their home stadium several times. After their establishment in the year 1960, the Raiders played their home games in Kezar Stadium. However, they played only four games in that stadium. This was followed by several other home stadiums, including Candlestick Park (1960-1961), Frank Youell Field (1962–1965), Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (1966–1981), Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (1982–1994), and McAfee Coliseum (1995–present).

McAfee Coliseum

At present, McAfee Coliseum is the home stadium of the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders play all its home games in this wonderful sports arena. The stadium is located in Oakland, California, United States. Besides hosting football games, the stadium also hosts baseball and soccer games. The capacity of the stadium for a football game is 63,026 Raiders tickets. The capacity for a soccer game is 34,077 while its capacity for a baseball match is 34,077.

The stadium is also popularly known with several nicknames, such as The Coliseum, or the Oakland Coliseum. The former names of the stadium include Network Associates Coliseum (1998-2004) and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (1966-1998). The ground was broken for the construction of the stadium in 1960 and its construction was complete on September 18, 1966. The construction cost of the stadium was $25.5 million. It was also renovated in the year 1996 at a whopping cost of $200 million.

At present, there are two tenants of this stadium – Oakland Raiders (NFL) (1966-1981, 1995-present) and Oakland Athletics (MLB) (1968-present).

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