Real Life Flip That House Walk-Through Old and New

A change of pace from our regular powersports videos, this is what I do when I’m not wheeling. Flipping houses is nothing like you see on TV but I think it’s a whole lot of fun. This is a walk-through video that flips back and forth from old and new.

20 Responses to Real Life Flip That House Walk-Through Old and New

  1. Tracy Raia-dowd

    And the bathroom mirror should be framed out.

  2. Tracy Raia-dowd

    Oak cabinets? Yuck! And I'm missing my big southern entry porch & some landscaping. I like the outside colors though.

  3. MK Murphy

    Great flip, but I would have gone with wood flooring in the bedrooms.

  4. song dong

    How much cost for flipping this house? Great video

  5. Storey Media

    what camera did you use lol clean vid

  6. DP 63

    Nice economical flip. But I must ask, why did you put in such an outdated kitchen (and bathroom)? Brown cabinets and granite tops are about 20 years out of fashion. The original white kitchen looked much better … and touching it up would have saved money. You'll always have more buyers for a modern kitchen and bathroom. Also, stainless steel appliances are out. They're considered very "early 2000s" now. The current trend is for white or coloured enamel. Important to keep up with changing trends if you're in this business 🙂

  7. allan bull

    very nicely done

  8. Kyle Lee


  9. hopndon

    I agree, good before and after
    video, bad tile job around the tube area.

  10. David B

    Why is it that people that lose their house to foreclosure always seem to take all of the interior doors including those on the cabinets?

  11. sweetmsroslyn

    I like the camera work. Good way to see the before and after.

  12. Roger Snell

    Great before and after video!

  13. J B Makin Money

    and add a shed for lawn equipment great job

  14. J B Makin Money

    the great thing about ranchers like this is that you can convert the garage into a playroom for the kids and Adam said to keep your lawn equipment

  15. devlinger

    Nice job and nice video. Only thing I would add is a backsplash behind the stove.

  16. Sheree Morgan

    The kitchen, is ok, but no granite.

  17. P M

    I really liked the way you had the before/after video. To visualize the impact of your flipping

  18. Maggie Sue

    I like what you've done, but if I were in the market for a home, I would have wanted all the windows and siding to have been replaced.

  19. terri fuller

    at 4:32 you totally farted – i heard that lol

  20. Bagels4Purchase

    I'm very impressed