Rent or buy a house (09 Apr 2017)

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  1. Lisa Eisen

    Yes, buying a house makes sense. We have a house for sale in Lake Worth, FL. You can see the pic here, then call us back for more details 561.273.9979

  2. Satnav

    Think there's a mistake here. Why's E7 = 6360. My math says it should be 6960. If I'm correct, it trows the entire thing off.

  3. Karlsruhe Karlsruhe

    Great Video, a lot of educational content.

  4. real eyes realize real shite

    Instead of getting a 30 year mortgage that is uncertain save money for 30 years live frugally and buy the house all in one go in cash retire like a fucking baller

  5. Max Wang

    What about buying a house as an investment property and renting it out? Wouldn't that be a better comparison to stocks?

  6. * *

    buy foreclosure's, takes a lot of the risk off

  7. joe greem

    Approx how much interest per monthly payment do you pay on an average $250,000 house mortgage?

  8. Mk S

    I think the better question here is why would you pay $84,000 a year to live in an apartment in a dirty city?

  9. 121dan121

    What if rent is higher than mortgage payments?

  10. Andi O

    the mortgage payments are constant why does your mortgage cost go down with time?

  11. Alexander 23

    Those keys are clicking at such a fast rate that I might cum.

  12. Alexander 23

    This is Art. straight up.

  13. John Doe

    Shkreli is an Excel god. Love these videos man. Completely changed my opinion of you and am now 100% on team Shkreli

  14. davethelave

    wtf is this shit

    he's basically telling you to rent instead of buy because the house might depreciate…….

    well as history has told…..martin would be wrong in this bet….because houses usually go up as he said it himself…..

    well when you think about investing in real estate……like a house it's usually for rental income….not for it to appreciate….you usually buy a house to live in and enjoy the luxury of the house at the premium price…..

  15. roleat

    Martin teaches me about life.

  16. purewonka

    The thing to do if you are interested in buying a home is to find a way to monetize the investment. I bought a home (with a mortgage) that is bigger than I need because I wanted to be able to rent out a room. I rent out one furnished room and the income from that pays all carrying costs for the house. It pays the mortgage, the property tax, the homeowner's insurance, the utilities and the internet. Plus, it gives me a little extra $ to buy things like toilet paper, light bulbs and laundry detergent – all of which I provide for my tenant. It allows me to live for free minus the initial investment of the down payment. I think the only way it makes sense to buy a home is if the home can be monetized.

  17. Petra Darklander

    Good vid. lol at the ending.

  18. Goodnight Sweet Prince ϯϫϯ

    Protip, don't listen to this guy.

  19. Dany Hermawan

    U ignore the intangible benefit that a mortgage offer such as using that house and then you own it, then maybe u can make money out of it, it is different with buying stocks, u dont use it, u just wait for it to be increase, then u sell, but house, u can be together with ur family, raising ur kids, doing house party, inviting ur neighbor, having home is more valuable than living in appartment without garden, coz im social person, i value social life more than money, and of course, u could still sell ur house because u "own" it not rent it

  20. Mike K

    thank you for the video! great video