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Rental Property How to buy Rental Property for Profit. Discover how to find and buy rental real estate below value for instant equity and monthly cash flow. Rental properties that bring you value for years to come.

Hi this is Zrock and if you are watching this video right now, you want to know how to make money with Rental Property. And what I am about to show you is how you can start investing in Rental Property with no money or credit of your own. Even if you’ve never bought your first real estate deal. So You’re about to discover how I went from Investing failure to Rental House profits like these.

Here’s a property that I bought as a rental, and right after I bought it someone actually offered me more for the property so I wholesaled this property to them for a $10,200 profit. Here is another property that I bought for a fantastic rental property however I decided to clean this up a little bit, put it back on the market and I flipped this property for an $18,900 profit. And finally here is another property that I bought, of course no money down again, none of these were I had any of my own money in them and this property gave me an instant equity of $45,500 and it also gave me a monthly cash flow, it still does of about $311 each and every month.

Get started investing in Rental Houses and Properties today is go ahead and click the link below below, inside of the description box. I am going to show you the top three ways that I am making money investing in Rental Property today and how you can do the exact same thing.

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    You can sell it, just look on Stodoys website.

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    can someone send me the link?

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    no you dont need to have one. its not a bad idea to take a class or to get one. it gives you access to mls list and stuff. but i dont have one and i plan to buy multiple homes to rent or resale.

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    do you do the fix up or hire it out?

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    i get private funding for my deals, do u?

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    i love rental properties that cash-flow

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    In order to make money you have to buy them right and not over pay

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    I buy houses too

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    looks like there are several ways to profit

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