Secret to Flipping Houses You’re about to discover what most investors will never know about Flipping Houses. UPDATE: Many viewers have asked me very detailed… questions about what they learned from this video (see comments below).. To learn a whole lot more about Flipping Houses, go to and use the coupon code “freedommentor” to get it for free

20 Responses to Secret to Flipping Houses

  1. Kenneth Wiley

    poor deal + long time, + poor profit = run away

  2. Troy Mason

    You still made 11k ! If you were doing 5 of these you would be making around 55k. Also if you do some repairs yourself then you will make more money there. And if you use your own cash, you would also make more money.

  3. LovelyEllieL

    So, when would it pay to rehab & flip a house? What if you have tons of equity in a property, but it needs a complete rehab (built in 1940). Would it be worth rehabbing or just selling to a contractor-investor-buyer? Is there some formula or percentage? Very informative videos, and wish I'd found you sooner. Thanks.

  4. sunny chouhan

    Thanks brother you absolutely ❤️….

  5. Catalin Cata

    For the wholesale deal, do you use transactional funding or hard money loan?

  6. Catalin Cata

    So the lender that provides the hard money loan will take its percentage fee once the deal is closed and they won't want the % fee right away?

  7. Lucinda White

    Where do you get the wholesale contracts at? At a real estate attorney or title company?

  8. Adam Shelton

    What about the costs associated with flipping the property to a contractor investor? Can you expand on those? What are they? Are there any risks? Obviously the net net profit margin is similar, but with the amount being lower I can see this easily being wiped out. Your help here would be valued greatly and appreciated. Fantastic video by the way 👍 subscribed.

  9. John Hansen

    get access to 1000's of foreclosed homes up to 50% off!!

  10. Harold German

    Good advice

  11. Michael Johnson

    Don't forget the short term capital gain tax after you get that money.

  12. Victoria Tabrez

    Thanks a lot you the best 👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Blair B. A

    i love this video….thanks.

  14. Eduardo Avalos

    "They sell for 8% less because the law of the land" haha I like it

  15. Manny

    What if you use your own money and learn to do rehab yourself?

  16. Holy Jonson

    I can't understand anything!

  17. Marco Pinheiro

    thats a good businees, i want to invest in it

  18. Cristian Campo

    You save me a headache… or should i say a Migraine ha…

  19. Kevin Harvey

    The 1st segment your 60,000 was actually 64,000 after closing costs. And you payed for the buyers closing costs when you sold. Calculate those apples to apples inro your wholesale example plus insurance and taxes and you're down to about zero profit

  20. Josef

    Wouldn't it maybe a bit harder to find these low deals as the contracter investors might already be buying these cheap properties