A personal trainer is an asset for your training regime. A good personal trainer should ideally be very open to you and talk about things which can help you gain best results while being very frank with you. There is a reason why a deep equation with your trainer can result in gains for your fitness goals.

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However, sometimes a trainer may not be able to tell you things which are important for you to understand. At times, if they have told you about a certain behaviour, your trainer may not be very comfortable bringing out the same issue again for fear of a retaliation or a mutual discomfort.

Some things your trainer may not tell you time and again

  1. Coming late is a waste of time

A personal trainer is not always going to tell you that if you come late, it is a waste of their time as well as your time. Not just a waste of time but it’s disrespectful also considering how important it is to utilize the mutual time to its best. Your trainer may not interrupt you when you are checking your mails or messages on your phone but whatever that text or email is, it can wait till you are done with your workout.

  1. You should avoid coming to gym when sick

If you are sick, you may still choose to come to your gym but you need to understand that you may be carrying germs, and you should better stay at your home rather than coming to the gym and spreading germs all over the place. Your trainer is not going to tell you about it.

  1. Think quality, not quantity

A short rigorous session of 15 minutes may be better than a 30 minutes session with moderate exercise. While you may measure your performance based on the time you would spend in the gym, your trainer ideally must make it clear that it’s the performance, not the time that should matter to you.

  1. Setting up realistic goals is so important

When you start your path towards a healthy lifestyle, it’s very important to be cognizant of how much time you have for the results that you would want for yourself. Mayank Attrish, a trainer at Fitness Café, Bangalore suggests compiling a list of long term and short term goals. The hack is that if you are confident and very determined to achieve your goals, chances are that you would indeed achieve them. You need to keep working towards your own goals, measure them, track them, change your fitness sessions and plan differently if you are not able to see the right kind of results.

  1. You don’t need me, you need a lifestyle change

The best personal trainers suggest clients do basic exercises and suggest advanced level clients try new exercises and eliminate old ones which are not working out for them. They openly and honestly communicate with their clients to make changes to their lifestyle and diet that complement the effort they are putting up at the gym. Somehow the industry has worked out a model that does not work for most of the people, said Ashley, a personal trainer and instructor running his home gym. This means many fitness trainers would create a long-term dependency on them or repeat the same set of activities over time, which may not be an ideal case for you.

  1. Put your phone away

It just so happens that when you look at your phone and you stop your workout, it slows down your heart rate and calorie burn. This not only slows down your metabolism and break the momentum of your exercise, you also miss the mental benefits of a workout as it’s a perfect time for you to clear your mind and reset. Your trainer is only going to tell you about not using a phone when you start your fitness, but they may not tell you all the time to stop using your phone completely as you would not look at this in a very positive manner.

  1. Certifications do not mean much

There is absolutely no way you can say that a personal trainer is better than the next or the rest.Mayank, from fitness cafe, says that he would prefer to hire a trainer who has a 4-year degree in physical education, which is essentially the study of body movements. “I would rather have a trainer with a college degree and certifications as well than the other way round. I have had trainers who came in with all sorts of certifications without any idea of how the human body works and they couldn’t even tell names of 10 muscles in your body”, he said. That’s a red flag to detect the not so awesome trainers.

You should check their knowledge on the latest exercise and fitness training trends in the market. Also, education and certifications are good to have, but, sometimes what matters most are the references from people who have similar goals as yours.

  1. The first few sessions are going to be boring

You shouldn’t be surprised if your first session with your trainer is boring because your trainer is discovering areas of your physical limitations, testing your flexibility, stability and muscular ability. Ankit Srivatsa of fitness first confirms that the best personal training efforts have to start with a detailed assessment of your client capabilities as well as medical history evaluation. Any personal trainer who directly goes for the exercise and doesn’t do a proper assessment raises a red flag. Early sessions should also cover learning proper stretching techniques, massaging and kneading tight muscles.

  1. Eat something after your workout

When you try to lose weight, it appears to be a good idea to skip a meal after a workout but that is something which you should not do. It is very important to eat something before you start working out. This is because after your workout, your body repairs from the training session. This means that it needs energy directly after your workout. So, after a rest of 15 to 30 minutes, you should have healthy snacks or a liquid meal that contains a good mix of protein and carbohydrates. You can have a small snack or some food containing complex carbohydrates before you start your training. These drinks or light snacks will not need a lot of digestion and the nutrients will get into your system easily. This will ensure that your body is giving its best during the exercises. It will help you to repair the broken muscles and also to start a recovery process. If you exercise without eating anything, you will not be able to obtain the best results and your energy will wear off very quickly. Fish salad with olive oil can be a great option. Also, muesli with milk can also be a good option to have at this time.

  1. Invest in new sports gear

You will not get the best performance results by working out in old torn pair of gym shoes and shorts. Your personal trainer may not tell you that you need to change your old sneakers or get a new workout costume, which otherwise can cause you joint pain, back pain, body pain and can wear you down over a period of time. If it’s a matter of your fitness, you should not cut corners, especially if you are committed to training with a professional personal trainer. It’s better to get the right pair of sports shoes and shorts as your joints and feet will love you for it and so will your complete body.

  1. You are going to have bad days

There will be days when you will not be able to perform at your best level. That doesn’t mean that you lose confidence in your abilities or lose your momentum. You should never feel discouraged.

  1. You should have fun

During your initial consultation with your personal trainer, you need to talk with your trainer about different activities that you enjoy, specific activities which you don’t like, any injuries that you have. Your trainer may not be aware of your current situation and past history, hence, without that information, they may not be able to create a program which can work well for you. Also, ensure that you have fun with variation in exercises. If weightlifting is something you don’t enjoy, you can mix and match your weight training with cardio training and cross-training. This will ensure that you do not become bored with your existing routine.

  1. When to take a break

If you aren’t feeling well and if you did not have enough sleep, then your trainer should tell you that you should take a break and stay at home. If for some reasons, you are not able to sleep well, then your body will get exhausted very quickly. It won’t be good to stress yourself at a time when you aren’t well and hence prone to injuries. So, it’s better to stay at home until you recover from your illness. So, for your own interest, it is better to skip your gym sessions on certain days.

  1. 80% of your results will come from what you eat

Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to gain muscle, what you eat is the biggest part of your fitness. If you are not eating properly and having a proper nutrition, no matter how hard you work out and train, you won’t be able to see the right kind of results for yourself.

  1. If you not making progress in the first month, you should fire your personal trainer

You would also acknowledge that you want to see results if you have followed instructions from your trainer diligently each and every day in each and every single training session. If you still feel that you are not making steady progress, then you should contemplate whether to keep your trainer or not. Since hiring a trainer is very expensive, unless your trainer changes your fitness routine from time to time and offer you solid results, and you see yourself making steady progress, you should reconsider keeping your trainer.

  1. Don’t use most of the equipment available in the gym

If your trainer is just taking you from machine to machine and spending very less time on free weight exercise & compound exercises, you need to finalize another trainer. Your trainer should mix machine training with free hand exercises and compound exercises which can work your complete body. You should learn something different from your trainer than what you can do yourself.

  1. You don’t need me forever

You get very excited whenever you achieve something that you want. The overall fitness goal is to reach a point where you can maintain your fitness without needing your trainer. Your trainer should ideally hand hold you and take you to a position wherein you can continue maintaining your fitness goals without needing him. Any trainer who claims that you will need him forever isn’t giving you the right kind of direction with his training program.

Quick pointers on detecting if your trainer is not the right one:

  1. Your trainer doesn’t give you any directions or plans on how you should continue your fitness once you are outside of the gym. He doesn’t pay attention to what you should be eating.
  2. You observe yourself spending more time having a conversation with him rather than working out
  3. They don’t explain why you are doing a certain exercise and how it will benefit you so that someday you can do it on your own
  4. Your trainer just keeps you on isolation machines and doesn’t focus on compound body movements. This means that you’re not getting the right education which you would need to do the right kind of exercise and pursue a long-term fitness regime.

Picking up a personal trainer is a lot like dating. You need to have a strong personality match and clear communication. It’s up to you to decide whether you work with someone who has a softer approach or you want to work with a military sergeant type of professional. Since it’s an intimate professional relationship, you need to ensure that you are able to hit your peak performance with your trainer’s encouragement and motivation. You should also learn to get subtle signals from your personal trainer because there may be a lot of things which they may not be comfortable talking to you directly.

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